Relocation on its own is quite a stressful and overwhelming process. Not doing things in the right way can only add up more stress and tension, and that is definitely not something you are looking for. Especially not when moving with your family to Upper Manhattan. It requires a lot of patience, organization, and, more importantly, planning. You need to see everything that will come in advance, so you can be prepared. It sounds complicated, but it is not that much in practice. With the right help and with the right guide, you won’t have anything to worry about. Besides the moving part, you will need to prepare for the new life as well. There are things about Manhattan only locals know, and it is better if you know them before you relocate. So, prepare; a lot of work is waiting for you.

Make sure to hire movers when you are moving with your family to Upper Manhattan

No matter where you are relocating, you always have two choices about how the relocation will happen. You can either do everything on your own, or you can hire professional movers to relocate things for you. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both choices. But in general, if you find people you can rely on, the entire relocation will be much easier. You should also know that moving on your own is more expensive than how much you would pay a moving company to do things for you. Also, with movers, everything is faster and safer even. They are insured, and no matter what happens, in case of an accident, everything will be covered. So, you have nothing to worry about. When moving on your own, it is not like that.

There is, although, one thing you need to be aware of. Even though there are plenty of movers on the market, there are still some scammers you can run into. However, this is nothing you should worry about too much. There are tips and hints on how you can recognize them, so learn them so you can avoid them. Also, make sure to right the movers right away about the license and the proof that they are legit.

Find the right neighborhood for everyone

New York City is a very big and spacious city, as you probably already know. Living there with a family is not everyone’s first choice, so those people that choose New York prefer Manhattan. However, you need to find the right neighborhood so your children can have a nice childhood and so you don’t have to worry about that all the time. Some of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan for families are

  • Greenwich Village
  • Tribeca
  • East Village
  • Upper East Side
  • Upper West Side
  • Chelsea

Before making a final decision, you should explore each one of them. Only choose a place that fits completely with your needs. Pay attention to how much it is away from schools, work, and even hospitals, just in case. The best would be to find a place where that has a park nearby so your children can go and play whenever they want to. These are also quiet places in Manhattan, and this is definitely something you would like to know.

Declutter before you pack and move to Upper Manhattan

Decluttering is always recommended whenever you are relocating. You don’t have to downsize to do it. It is always good because it gives more space to your home, and there is more room for new things to add. So, make sure to do it before the packing starts. Also, the price of the relocation usually depends on the amount and weight of the items you have to relocate. So, the less you have, the less expensive the price will be.

Find the best way to pack

Maybe you expected this, but packing is part of a relocation that lasts the longest. It is usually the most stressful one as well, and that is mainly the reason why many people decide to go with the packing services from the movers. However, that service costs more, so you could still do it on your own. Before you start, you need to see how many items you have to pack and buy enough packing materials and supplies so you have everything prepared in advance. Do it room by room and only one room at a time. Make sure to label all the boxes, especially the ones with fragile content. If you have some bulky items or instruments, it is better to ask your movers how to move a piano, for instance, instead of improvising on your own.

Call someone to help when moving to Upper Manhattan with kids

Moving day will be quite stressful, and if you have kids, the situation can only be worse. Because of that, you need to call someone for help. It can be a family member or even a friend. Ask them to be in charge of your kids for the entire day until you and the movers can finish everything before the move. This is also a great option if you have pets. They also need to be away from the home when movers come, so that would be a perfect time to ask someone for help. Don’t hesitate, and don’t try to avoid this. Both kids and pets can get easily hurt in all that mess, and movers will work better if they are not around.

Unpack later and enjoy first

After moving with your family to Upper Manhattan, you will be tired. And because of that, it is better to leave unpacking for later. There will be more than enough time for you to do it, and there is no need to rush it. Instead, go on a family trip and explore your surroundings. Meet the neighborhood and explore everything right away. You deserve a little bit of relaxation after an exhausting month.