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Meniscus Tear And Its Treatment

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One of the most common knee injuries is a torn meniscus. Any action that makes you strenuously rotate or twist your knee, especially while applying your full weight on it, can result in a torn meniscus.

Each knee has two menisci. Menisci are C-shaped portions of cartilage that work as a cushion within your thigh bone and your shinbone. A torn meniscus can cause swelling, pain, locking, and stiffness. You might also have trouble extending your knee fully and feel a block to knee motion.

Symptoms –

You might have the following signs and symptoms in your knee if you have torn meniscus:

A popping sensation

Your knee might produce popping sounds whenever you give it any movement or action. This is a prevalent symptom seen in people with other orthopedic knee conditions.

Swelling or stiffness

Any injury that occurs in the body results in some side effect to the adjoining or surrounding tissues. Swelling is one such repercussion of the tear of the meniscus that affects the muscles and skin around the knee area where the tear has occurred.

Pain, especially when twisting or rotating your knee

As mentioned above, any movement in the knee can cause pain when there is a torn meniscus. The pain is also felt when there is a rotatory movement to the knee.

Difficulty in straightening your knee

The swelling and pain in the knee work together creating a hindrance to straighten the knee fully. It becomes difficult to

Feeling as though your knee is locked

The torn meniscus might make the knee feel like it’s immovable and locked in place when you try to move it. This is usually a symptom seen in other conditions like Arthritis and ACL Tear.

Causes –

An activity that causes you to strenuously twist or rotate your knees, such as aggressive pivoting or sudden stops can result in a torn meniscus. Deep squatting, kneeling, or lifting something heavy can sometimes cause the tearing of the meniscus. Degenerative alterations of the knee can be the reason for a torn meniscus with little or no trauma in older adults.

Treatment –

Sometimes, conservative treatments like taking enough rest, cold pack or pain medication are enough to relieve the pain caused by a torn meniscus. But severe cases might demand surgical treatment to eradicate the symptoms of pain and swelling.  

If one opts for surgery, then one must know that the procedure involves the knee joint to be accessed through open incisions to the joint. The traditional choices in case of patients suffering from Meniscus Tear include arthroscopic knee surgery to correct ligament tears or a total knee joint replacement is suggested.

If surgical treatment is picked up as an option, it comes with months of rehab, and it requires the patient to be aware of the risks. As an alternative to knee surgery, RegenOrthosport provides the Regenexx Same-Day Stem Cell procedure which may help in alleviating the problem with a simple office injection procedure. It is one of the best treatment for painful knees.

Although there are various clinics and hospitals providing various advanced surgery techniques, the modern Stem Cell Therapy at RegenOrthoSport is considered the most effective way of treating meniscus tears. This procedure involves taking bone marrow stem cells from the back of the hip and re-injecting them under precise imaging guidance into the knee meniscus tear.

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