Australia is known for providing the best education. That is why students from different countries come here to study and make their dreams come true. But do you know which subject they are more interested in? So the answer is marketing. It is a subject attracting many scholars because it provides various career options. However, dealing with its complex concept can be challenging at times, and writing its documents is even harder. So scholars search for marketing assignment help. It helps them reduce half of their anxiety and stress. But what are the reasons why students cannot write their documents? The answer can vary because it depends from person to person. Thus, if you are also facing problems with writing marketing assignments, don’t worry. This post will give you some brief ideas about the basics of marketing, which you must know before starting your write-up.

What Is Marketing and Its Core Element?

Before you start writing a marketing assignment, first understand what it means. So, marketing is a process that a company uses to advertise their products to customers. It helps them create a core value among the audience for the long term. The prime purpose of marketing is to conduct research, examine the audience, and plan accordingly. It helps companies and individuals advertise their products and gain profit. There are different types of marketing that you should know.

Social Media Marketing: In this type of marketing, any business can promote or advertise its products on social media. Nowadays, it is trending because people are using social media a lot. So this helps them directly reach the customers.

Internet Marketing: This means making your product or business available online. The main idea behind it is that the internet has created a boom among people. So it helps businesses to advertise themselves without meeting people.

Blog Marketing: This type of marketing is less active, but brands still use it to let people know about their brands. Some customers do research before buying and want to know about products.

Video Marketing: This is one of the most effective ways to advertise any brand. Commercials are still best into actions and make people entertain. It does not make people bored and helps them know more about the products.

For doing marketing knowing the right platform is essential, but there are a few elements too that you should understand.

 Know Your Audience: As you read above, the target audience of the product is the main group of people. It is because, as a seller, you are making products for people. So knowing your audience can be helpful to maximize sales.

Know Your Competitors: Keeping an eye on competitors can sometimes help you improve your marketing. You see their strengths and weaknesses and learn various things from them. It provides positive insight, and you can grow in a better way.

Branding: It is one of the critical parts because it helps people communicate with the product. It subtly provides quality assurance to people. Let’s take an example of a Coca-Cola bottle; different slogans are attached. So people understand the brand just by hearing it. That is why strong branding is essential.

These are a few core parts of marketing that students should know to understand better. If you know these points accurately, then you can write your paper now. If for any reason, there is still any query, you can take do my assignment help.

Now moving to another essential section that will educate you about marketing Ps and Cs.

 What Are the 7 Ps and 4 Cs in Marketing?

Marketing always revolved around products and their relationship with customers. So here are the 7 Ps, which provide a connection between customers and products.

What Are 7 Ps in Marketing?

Product: It is the main thing in marketing because the first thing on which it is dependent is the “product”. So whenever you want to sell any product, always check how you will present it to people. Also, never forget to check the competitor’s presentation and how they are showcasing them online.

Promotion: The way you present your product to customers matters. The customers first see the advertisement, so it must attract them. Not only this, it should inform them and make them believe in the product.

Price: Pricing is another essential part of marketing. So when you decide on the range of your product, make sure it satisfies customers. For this, one needs to understand the market value and the price customers are willing to pay.

Placement: It is a place where the products are viewed or where customers can buy them. It can be a store, online platform, or cloud-based platform. The design you use for your place is important because your customers will come here.

People: These are people who help brands or products to grow. These are people who are directly and indirectly helping you with your brands.

Physical Space: This is everything your customers see while searching for your brand. The store, website, brand logo, and physical appearance of your products. So while planning your products, make them attractive and appealing.

Process: It refers to the entire process involved in making and delivering a product. So this entire thing must be easy for customers. It should be smooth and fulfil customers’ requirements.

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These 7Ps are essential pillars of marketing, but there are also 4 Cs, which you will read below.

What Are 4 Cs in Marketing

As you know 7 Ps work as a pillar, 4 Cs also work like that only. So now understand this first:

Cost: As the 7 Ps model tells about product price, this C stands for cost. The price is only part of what customers pay to buy anything. The entire process from manufacturing to the final location where customers see the product includes the cost.

Consumers: The people who are going to buy the products are consumers. So before you decide on your products and design, ensure who your customers are. What are their desires and demands, and should we work accordingly?

Communication: The promotion of the 4 Ps is kind of similar to communication. But the thing that makes it slightly different is that it is a channel between consumers and the brand. So it should not be completely promotional but rather focus on enhancing the brand’s value in customers’ eyes via communication.

Convenience: The last and most essential point is convincing people about your brand. Also, to make them believe that the product you are offering is good.

So if you are a marketing student, understanding these 4 Cs and 7 Ps is effective.


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