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Living in NYC: New Yorkers Give Advice on Living in the City

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Living in NYC

Living in NYC – for some people, it is a dream come true while for others, it is just like living in a concrete jungle. Hopefully, you are among the first ones. As the most populous city in the USA, NYC welcomes hundreds of newcomers and many more tourists every day. Here are some pieces of advice on living in the City coming from true New Yorkers.

When you find a good place to live in – don’t let it go

Living in NYC is quite expensive. You will often hear New Yorkers complaining about the rent and not being able to find a decent place to live in. So if you are lucky enough to find a good place, you should keep it. Rents are so high and flats are usually tiny. Finding a place with rent control sounds almost too good to be true, so don’t get your hopes up. Be prepared to see all sorts of places and once you find your own – stick to it. While hunting for a flat is not an easy task, finding quality moving assistance options in NY is not so difficult. New Yorkers don’t usually move on their own, but they hire movers to do that. That makes sense since a lot of NYC citizens do not drive and they use cabs and public transport for getting to places.

A funny thing about moving within NYC is that you can always find some furniture outside that you are welcome to take. People move from one small apartment to another and often find that they have too much stuff for the new place. So, scan the sidewalks for discarded furniture and you might get lucky.

Changing a job is fairly easy when living in NYC

Many New Yorkers have more than one job. The supply and demand are always changing and there is a lot to choose from. However, do not expect that any job will wait for you. You need to fight for it. NYC employers appreciate the personal approach to job hunting more than just mailing resumes. Quite often you can find a job in NYC by just entering the store or a company that you would like to work for and showing them what you are good at. New Yorkers are very friendly and tend to socialize whenever they can, so if you are looking for a new job, maybe you should start networking. Surely, something will come up. Building a career in this huge city is quite a different story. The important thing to know is that in NYC everybody gets their chance!

Eating and drinking in NYC

In NYC new restaurants and bars open up on a daily basis. New Yorkers like to try different things and there are cuisines from all over the world to choose from. However, every New Yorker has their favorite coffee shop, a go-to bar and a restaurant for spending a lunch break in. In the city that never sleeps, you can order in pretty much everything and at any time. NYC is famous for its places to get cheap eats such as pizza parlors and bagel shops, as well as for their fancy restaurants that need to be booked a month in advance. After living in NYC for some time, you will learn to always have some cash with you. Some of the places that do not take credit cards are:

  • most food trucks
  • bodegas
  • even some nice restaurants – so it is good to be prepared if you are living in NYC.

New Yorkers are not so fond of cooking. Making a meal plan at home is very difficult when you know you are going to spend an entire day outside. So, even if you are on a special diet that implies eating raw food or just making healthier choices – don’t worry, you will find a lot of places that are good for you.

If you live in NYC you should be tipping

If you are new in this city, you might be surprised by the fact that New Yorkers tip and expect to be tipped all the time. The usual amount that you are expected to add to the bill is some 15 to 20 percent. It makes up a big part of workers’ wages at a lot of NYC bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. New Yorkers also tip their cab drivers and movers, and why wouldn’t they? Tipping means that you are satisfied with the service that you get. So you should award your waiter for making you the best coffee you ever tasted or your Dynamic Movers NYC for providing you with the hassle-free moving experience.

Commuting and walking while living in NYC

A typical New Yorker does not drive. Since parking in the City is limited, it makes sense that a great deal of people uses public transport or cabs. Yellow cabs are one of NYC landmarks. New Yorkers often complain about their subway system but it gets them where they want to go. The trains are not always on time, so there are some mobile apps you can download and track their timing so that you can make the best plan for your travel.

New York streets are always swarming with people. So, if you are a newcomer or a tourist, you should pay attention to the direction of walking and the pace and keep up. Don’t forget to veer right if you and another person are both walking towards each other on the sidewalk. A useful tip for getting around if when living in NYC is to know the cross streets. New Yorkers always talk in streets and not house numbers, so you should learn that too. Remember to be careful when you cross the bike lanes since NYC cyclists tend to be rather fast.

Author bio: Angie Watson is a blogger who writes about cities and traveling. NYC is the love of her life and she keeps coming back to it. Cycling and swimming are some of her hobbies although she is passionate about reading too.

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