Living green in New York City


During the last century and nowadays, New York City used to be and still is one of the most popular cities where a lot of people are moving. If you are thinking about doing the same, you are going to love it. Also, you will have a lot of opportunities and you can easily manage your time after moving to NYC. But, if you already live in this city, it is a good time to think about making some changes. One of the options you have is living green in New York City. If you are wondering how it is possible, we will present to you the tips for doing it.

Why should you start living green in New York City?

First of all, living green in NYC is something that everybody should think about. When you live in big cities, such as NYC, pollution happens every day.  If people start to live green, they will reduce it. Also, this means that you will reduce energy costs, have a healthier lifestyle, and simply change the entire community. As you can see, if you look at your environment as an eco-friendly one, you can make big changes and make your city a better place for a living.

What are the tips for living green?

Now, let us present to you a list of the tips for making NYC less polluted and greener:

  • Riding a bike.
  • Use eco-friendly packing supplies.
  • Changing your eating habits is also useful for living green in New York City.
  • Spend your free time at the beach and in nature.
  • If you need a car, you should think about getting a hybrid or electric car.

These are the major tips that will help you to change your lifestyle and turn it into an eco-friendly. So, how to improve and make your city green?

Riding a bike

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If you ride a bike, you will not only save New York from pollution, but you will also save money! Nowadays, it is cheaper to rent or buy a bike instead of getting a car. Also, by riding a bike, you will improve your physical condition and your body. The following benefit of riding a bike is that you can meet NYC in a totally new way. You can cross the bridges where cars cannot pass, go to the city parks and enjoy your ride.

Girls riding a bike which is one of the ways of living green in New York City.
Riding a bike is one of the ways to save the environment.

Use eco-friendly packing supplies

Another tip for living green in NYC is to use eco-friendly packing. Keep in mind that you can easily find them in NYC. For example, if you need to make a local move in New York, you should use eco-friendly packing solutions for your household goods. You need to know that these eco-friendly packing supplies are safe and secure for your belongings. In other words, they can be very useful in your relocation process. Also, you can find plastic bags and bins that are useful for carrying or transporting your belongings.

Changing your eating habits is also useful for living green in New York City

Avoiding fast food and food from supermarkets is also important if you are looking to live green in New York City. The other solution is to look for street markets in your neighborhood. In this way, you are not only eating healthier, but you are also giving support to farmers by buying their own local food. A good thing is that the prices are affordable on street markets. So, take a walk in your neighborhood or near it and see what prices for vegetables and fruits you can get.

A fruit stand.
Buy food from the street market.

Use your free time to spend on the beach or in nature

When the weekend comes, there is no need to stay in town. Instead of that, you should find the transportation and go out of town. Luckily, you live in New York City, which means that there are a lot of options to choose from. You can visit East Hampton or Shelter Island. In this way, you can spend your free time or weekends in a really creative way. Also, do not forget that any physical exercise means an improvement for your body. Be sure that you are in the win-win situation: You are improving your body and you are saving your city by living green.

If you need a car, you should think about getting a hybrid or electric car

The final tip from the list of living green in NYC is getting a car. We have mentioned that riding a bike is a healthier and more eco-friendly way. But, in the case that you need a car because of your job, there are still ways to use it and save the environment. In that case, you should think about getting a hybrid or electric car. These types of vehicles are eco-friendly. If you decide to get a hybrid vehicle, it means that spending on gasoline is minimal. But, if you decide to get an electric car, be prepared to pay an extra price because most of them are still expensive. Whatever you decide, using any of these two cars is a good option.

Electric cars on a charger.
Buy an electric or hybrid car.

It is important to live green in New York City

We can agree that it is an important thing to save your environment and be eco-friendly. Especially, when you live in urban cities. If you pay attention and avoid all the things that can pollute your city, you can give a good example to other people and together, you can make your city a better place for living.


To conclude, living green in New York City means that you will make it a better place for people and you. Just remember these tips that we have presented to you and be sure that you can make some changes. As we mentioned, if you start doing it, you can give a good example to other people and make a change in your city for good.