Wood Furniture

People buy liquids, sprays in supermarkets to clean the stains produced on wood furniture. Apart from that, many other products used to prevent dust, scratches, stains. Now know how to take care of polished furniture with little cream, wax and how to take care while cleaning it.

If the French furniture you should take care like rubbing the surface with a soft, clean cloth is regularly is essential. There is no need to take more cream a little wax or even with a little bit of furniture cream is enough to clean the wood. Take a look some more ways to clean dust as well as stains of wood.

Some of The Tips To How To Clean:


To shine your furniture every day you need to dust it daily with dust tools which removes and look fresh forever. Clean, soft cloths, dry, or feather dusters used to clean airborne which build on wood furniture.

Tools for Dusting:

Classic Feather Duster:

An ostrich-feather duster extracts dust from furniture, delicate surfaces, such as silk lampshades, picture frames, mirrors, and art, and fragile collectibles.

Lambswool Duster:

These include lanolin, which brings dust and makes it stick to the cleaning tool. They are also sufficient for dusting carved or turned areas that cloths cannot reach. A tall handle makes them ideal for hard-to-reach areas, including light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Treated Cloths:

For dusting, use a soft material, non-scratching towels pluck up and hold dirt. Use them in point of silicon sprays, which not support for fine wood furniture.


Every time doesn’t use sprays, creams to clean the furniture it will remove the coating which shines. If it stains with anything, you sprinkle some water and clean. ¬†Even sticky spots may need to treat with soap and water.

The products which contain a high portion of oil make the surface smear and shows fingerprints. You can avoid polishing with pure olive oil, which defeats and attracts dust. The dressing chair provides you the best liquids to clean wood furniture.

Regular Care and Cleaning of Varnished Wood:

  • Protect your furniture from water and other liquids, such as food, alcohol, or cosmetics. Coasters work well to protect table surfaces.
  • Some specialists suggest vacuuming with a brush is not better, but regular cleaning with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth does the job is better. Wiping with a soft cloth removes dust and spots, and it also gives a soft shine to the wood surface.
  • To eliminate stickiness or light soil wipe with a damp cloth. Follow up by cleaning with a dry cloth quickly.
  • Test in a hidden spot before you do this because you do not want to scratch the furniture, and never leave a damp cloth relaxing on the varnished surface.

Do you know you can use kitchen ingredients to clean the wood furniture? Yes, you can utilize vinegar which removes stains easily. See how to use it with some simple steps:

  • Stir four spoons of olive oil with one spoon of white vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Now try it by spraying on cloth and clean near the stain it will be fresh, and it starts shining too.