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Is It Worth Investing in Ducted Air Conditioning?

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Ducted Air Conditioning

When it comes to the household, then one adopts various methods to lead a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Air conditioners have become an integral aspect of our lives but gone are the days when one used to rely on conventional cooling systems like ACs, now we have the ducted systems making its ways into our lives. Earlier their application was limited to offices and commercial spaces, but with the changing lifestyle, we find its growing application at homes as well. The ducted system involves ducts, vents, and cooling system. The ducts are spread across the room, and they have an outlet in the form of grilles or vents. The air that passes through the ducts reaches every room where their outlets are mounted.

What Are the Benefits of Using Ducted Air Conditioning?

If you have a big house and are looking for an efficient cooling system, then you must choose the ducted cooling system, these are an effective way to ensure optimum cooling on the scorching days

Key Advantages:

  • Unanimous cooling effect: Now you don’t have to worry about cooling every room separately. All you need is the ducted air; these have their vents installed in every room thereby allowing the cool air to reach every room, hence allowing equal cooling. You can easily control the cooling as well.
  • Low-cost investment: While the upfront cost of investing in installing the ducted system can be high, but when you compare the energy efficacy factor, electricity consumption, and effective cooling, the ducted system takes the league.
  • Dual benefit: One of the major advantages which the ducted cooling has to offer is the dual benefit. The advanced ducted air conditioning comes with an added feature of heating. So, with just one system you can have heating and cooling effect. Thus, enabling you to reap dual benefits with just one system, so again you have a benefit on cost.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Having the ducted system installed in the house makes the room look beautiful and eye-pleasing. Since the entire unit mounted within the roof and ceiling or in the wall, the only visible thing is the grille, thus making the room look eye-pleading. Moreover, all the systems are within the ceiling; there is less or no noise allowing you to relax in the house without getting disturbed by the sound.
  • How to choose the best-ducted air conditioning system: If you have decided to go ahead with the ducted system installation, then you need to choose the ducted installation company carefully. Keeping the following points into consideration:
  • Look for the experience: One of the first parameters that you must consider is hiring a company which has experience in duct system installation. Since this installation involves precision, only an experienced company can handle the work.
  • Check the reviews: Before hiring the ducted air conditioning system installer, one has to check the reviews of the company. With the reviews, you will have an understanding of whether the company has handled a similar kind of work previously, if you find good reviews about them, then you can switch to the shortlisted company.
  • Testimonials: You must also check the testimonials of the company. It gives you a review of how good the company is and how efficient they are in their work. 

How Much Does It Cost to Install the Ducted Air Conditioning System?

If you are in Australia and are planning to install the ducted air conditioning, then it would cost $5000 for a small home, this price may rise to $10,000 for a three bedroom single story house For a larger apartment with 4 bedrooms, the cost would be around $11,000 or more. But you must know here that this is a one-time investment so make sure that you choose the right company and system. It’s always advisable to switch to the reversible cycle system so that you can use the entire thing for heating and cooling effect.

Final say: All-in-all the benefits of the ducted system make it reign supreme over other methods of cooling and you can invest in this to enjoy a comfortable stay in your house when the heat is rising outside.

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