Is It Better To Get A New Build Or Resale Property In South Bangalore

Is It Better To Get A New Build Or Resale Property In South Bangalore

Whenever someone is planning to buy a house, one of the biggest dilemmas he or she faces is whether to look at a resale property or go for a new build. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages as is the case with all things. This is what makes the choice even tougher for the prospective homebuyer since there are already numerous other decisions to make when house hunting. Some of the factors to be considered when looking for flats in south Bangalore.

Sticking to a timeframe

There are often times when people need to look for a new place to stay and do not have much time on their hands. When this sort of thing happens, looking for a home becomes even tougher since there is limited time. In situations like this, there is no option but to look at places which are ready to move in and then resale properties definitely come into the picture. Often, things like house loans also do not permit people too much of time for their purchase and people end up rushing their choice of home in fear of losing a deal which seems too good to be true. There are a number of flats for sale in south Bangalore and these would definitely be of help if time is of essence. 

Modify or build from scratch

Choosing a new house to live in mostly depends on what sort of an experience the homebuyer is looking for. Resale properties will often need a bit of touching up and may not be up to the standards of the latest properties on offer. Many people do not want to deal with this refurbishment and instead prefer to go with new builds as it saves them the hassle of getting extra work done to the newly acquired property.

Another good thing about new builds is that the promoter or developer will generally be more than happy to make some small changes and adjustments to the property. In the case of a resale property, there is no such option and all the responsibilities have to be borne by the homeowner. What could be even worse is if something faulty in the house is discovered at a much later stage and the costs for the same prove to be too high and not worth the amount that has been spent.

How environmentally friendly do you want to be?

It cannot be taken for a given that a property which is a new build is going to be more environmentally friendly than probably a resale property which was constructed sometime back. It all depends on what sort of property is on offer and whether the homeowner is looking for the highest levels of environmental efficiency when looking at flats in south Bangalore. Most of the modern day properties are built keeping in mind ecological factors and the best thing to do would be to stay in a place which cares about the conservation of our planet.

Extra frills and thrills or not

While this is also not assured, it would be expected that a new build from the flats on sale in south Bangalore would come with certain extra products or services to encourage potential clients to buy one of their new build properties. That extra concierge service or additional swimming pool would generally clinch the deal in favour of the new build since a resale property would generally come with a ‘you get what you see approach.’ Chances of extra products or services being added are generally quite slim.

On the other hand, this sort of an approach can also turn out to be a good thing as one knows what they are getting into and what to expect from the new property.  There are no chances of future upsets or shocks which are a problem that can often be associated with new builds when things which have been previously described or mentioned as part of the property, are left out.

As can be seen, there are various aspects to consider before choosing one of the flats in south Bangalore- whether it is a resale property or a new build. Since such a large sum of money is about to be spent, it would be wise to factor in all the parameters before embarking on a search for that dream home. Especially, if this is once in a lifetime opportunity for the homebuyer. The thing to remember is that old may not always be a bad idea while new may not always be the perfect answer in the quest for that dream home.