5 Effective Internet Marketing Plan for Small Law Firms

Internet Marketing Plan

A law firm cannot be labeled as a business but it surely needs to be promoted like one. Branding is an essential aspect of marketing which helps in projecting a strong positive image to the audience. Attorneys must know about the process of branding small law firms. This will help them in creating a distinctive identity from their competitors and highlighting your qualities to potential clients. Branding goes beyond visual elements like logos and extends to the personality and tone of the brand’s message. Building a brand must be a key objective of every law firm internet marketing plan. The following steps will help in formulating an effective branding strategy for small legal firms.

1. Create An Ideal Client Profile

Lawyers must adopt the marketing strategy of building buyer personas and create an ideal client profile for their plan. It is routine to gather critical information about the target market to understand the people or organizations who can turn into clients. However, a client profile is a much detailed document than a target market analysis. It is a fictional representation of the most suitable client that you can engage. This documents must contain information about the industry of the client besides her job title. It must also include details about her goals and ambitions in professional as well as personal life. Creating profiles in this manner will help in focusing specifically on the audience you want to address.

2. Identify The Image You Want To Project To Your Audience

One of the most vital aspects of creating a branding strategy is to identify the image you want to project to the audience. The answer to what should be the ideal branding image lies with your audience. Let’s say you run a personal injury law firm which specializes in representing workers in construction litigation. Now, you cannot project yourself as a sophisticated agency as it will be completely at odds with what your ideal potential client wants. Refer to the profile you had created in the previous step and assess what will be the best approach to take in this regard.

3. Compose Your Brand Statement

A crucial step in creating a plan for branding small law firms is to compose a brand statement. This is a brief explanation of your firm, its audience, and a couple of differentiating factors. For instance, if you are a divorce lawyer, then the following statement will be apt for you:

An accessible and compassionate family law attorney who will use reason and empathy to assist you through this difficult phase.

Note how the composition takes care of all concerns of a potential client. Words like compassion and empathy convey to visitors that the professional understands their situation. Including a word like reason lets them know that the attorney will practically handle the case.

4. Identify The Branding Elements You Need

It is now time to identify all the branding elements that you require. The elements need not only be visual but they can be any touch point which can affect a person’s viewpoint about your practice. You need to choose elements like your website including its design, content, and features. Other vital items can be a logo, social profiles, accounts on aggregator platforms like Avvo, and display and other adverts. Any events that your firm is participating in will also be a key branding element and so will be the coverage of your office in traditional media.

5. Create A Plan To Execute The Strategy

You need to create a step-by-step plan for implementing the strategy. Prioritize the elements that you require according to your budget and the time needed to complete the process. For example, creating a new logo will take some time and it will have to be integrated into the existing website as well as in real-world elements like office stationery and signboards. In case, you have opted for a new tone of voice, then fresh content will be needed for all digital platforms including social media. List your priorities and then estimate the cost of completing them. This will help you in moving ahead in a planned manner.


These simple steps will be helpful in devising an effective marketing plan for attorneys and law firms. Lawyers must know that a brand evolves with time. This means that a plan needs to be assessed at regular intervals to measure its efficacy and make the relevant changes.