Interior Design Tips to Bring Your Room and Kitchen Alive

One of the most frustrating feelings is the one you get after scraping your bank account and pouring all that money in your interior home décor only to be infuriated at your own poor choices. Many who decide to go it the DIY way often find regrets but they can only bite their lip and warm their ego by feigning elegance and pride in what they have accomplished. This is not to say you cannot do an amazing interior design work without a degree course in it! Matter of fact, the most sophisticated interior decors are achieved by individuals who decide to get imaginative and go outside their box in creativity as they go against the norm.

Simplicity is underrated!

We believe you can accomplish a suave job as you focus on aligning your kitchen tools and appliances with our auspicious design tips sourced from experience and the best in the industry. The mission isn’t telling you exactly what to do or what to precisely evade but just to draw a larger picture as we offer you a compass bearing. Are you ready to revolutionize your kitchen and rooms? Let’s begin with these must-have design tips.

Lighting Design Tips

Lighting Design Tips

Deciding on type of lighting should be influenced by more than just tastes.

Imagine having the power to always influence the moods and emotions in the room just through the switch of a button! You would think we’re talking about music but we mean something more direct than what meets the ear – the eye! Modern interior design tips enable you to access smart lighting which has different variations. You can not only change the different colors but can also control the ambiance, the dimness, mix different colors, and the likes. There’s no telling what technology will produce in this coming decade. Lighting is important in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even your storage room – each room should have a type of lighting that conforms with the pattern of the furniture and purpose of the room.

Color Design Tips

Color Design Tips

Whatever you want to communicate let the color do the talking!

Once you have failed to understand the psychology of color in interior design tips, then you will go off-mark. There is nothing better than talks about you than the color you choose for your walls, your kitchen unit, the pantry and cabinets, the curtains, the furniture, and the likes. Color also can cause boredom, bring life, impress, shout gloom, and even escalate the love in the air. Some choose plain colors to bring that aspect of maturity – some find mixing colors bring more warmth. Should you decide to follow this pattern, then instead of mixing every color you come by, find two or three that you can contrast with and play around with that. Let the color in your living room design tips speak volumes about your persona.

Kitchen Design Tips

Any interior designer will tell you that the kitchen happens to top the list in terms of expenses during redesigning. It is, therefore, best to start with a rough picture and work on it with improvements here and there as you go along. The positioning of the kitchen will also influence the tips for kitchen design layout you will decide to apply: what are the adjacent rooms? Is your kitchen facing your backyard or home garden? Is there enough light coming in?

Kitchen Design Tips

What’s your ideal cabinet design?

Design tips for kitchen primarily focus on maximizing the floor and working area space. A confined kitchen with everything packed everywhere can get to one’s nerves and hinder proper working in this precious room. Therefore, aim to get cabinets that suit your needs – it can be one that reaches the ceiling if you don’t want to keep wiping the dust on top. Consider a curved kitchen layout if necessary and also handing cabinets and foldable furniture to increase the room’s capacity.

Go Natural!

Go Natural

Can you feel the vibrancy in the antique wood and ceramics?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an old-timer in preference of the traditional interior design or you are a millennial who opts to change with the shifting tides. Either way, nature will always have major affluence on mankind. Try out natural patterns even for your room design rips. This could be paintings of wildlife and nature, a color scheme that resonates with water or the sky, natural rock, or rugged material for the walls that make you feel to be on the mountain-side. Don’t forget to add a plant here and there is beautifully crafted pots.

Classical Budgeting as the Final Design Tip

You are classy, not cheap! Cheap is expensive eventually. Make sure you purchase appliances and materials that will stand the test of time. Your paint should be best as should be everything else. Compromising on quality may be costly in the long run. This requires a sound budget whenever you are thinking of applying these design tips. Be sure you come up with something you’ll be comfortable with – after all, it’s not a competition of who gets what! It’s your home – your castle, take time furnishing it. That notwithstanding, if you have plans to vacate or sell the house in the future, don’t put too much permanent detail on it.

Classical Budgeting as the Final Design Tip

Be cautious and fair on your rough budget estimates before getting started.


Now you’re ready! Time to get out of the compartmentalization of doing what your neighbor is doing! Be as unique as you can until you can exclaim, ‘svelte’! What home design tips have worked for you? Were you satisfied with the results? Share with us in the comment section below.

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