Intercity Relocation – Dos & Don’ts

A man carrying a pile of cardboard boxes while preparing for intercity relocation.

Whether you plan on moving somewhere across the ocean, or just between cities, one thing is for sure – relocation is difficult. It is a process, that will eat away not only your budget but also your time and money. But, do not worry! Millions of people have done it already, so it is far from impossible. And, all of them will probably tell you the same – the key to a successful relocation is proper organization. So, how does one organize an intercity relocation? Well, that is why we are here. We have will share with you some of the most important tips and tricks to follow when relocating, as well as all the dos and don’ts when it comes to moving. Thus, if you are interested in how to move properly and in a stress-free manner, keep on reading.

Do Hire a Moving Agency

As previously mentioned, moving is time, money and energy-consuming process. There is an easy way to avoid all of these ‘bad’ things that come with the process of relocation. Simply, hire a moving agency. Professional movers will do everything for you. They bring their own packing supplies, their own moving truck, prepare and pack everything, load and unload the moving truck. Finally, they make sure everything arrives at your new address safely and in no time.  They will do all of this and you will not even have to lift a finger. So, do some research and try to find the best moving company in your city. If you start looking ahead of time and book a moving agency that suits your needs in advance, you will be able to save some money too!

An illustration of a move with professional movers.
If you want your intercity relocation to be smooth and easy, leave everything to professionals.

Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

However, we understand that sometimes hiring a moving agency can break a family budget and it is simply not an option. There are plenty of other ways you can move even without the help of a moving agency. Yes, it may take you some more time and energy, and probably nerves, but it is far from impossible. What you need to do is ask for help elsewhere. Call everybody you know – friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Somebody will certainly be willing to help you out. Do not even try to do everything by yourself, especially if there is a lot of heavy lifting as you might injure yourself. Thus, call people over, split the chores, and you will be packed and prepared for starting over in Miami after living in Dallas for a while, or pretty much for starting over anywhere.

Do Declutter and Downsize

Another thing you must absolutely do when planning for relocation is to declutter and downsize. You must do this whether you plan on moving by yourself or with the help of a moving agency. And, why? Well, the more stuff you plan on relocating the more expensive and time-consuming your move will be. So, as soon as you set your moving date, have a family meeting and decide what you are bringing with you and what must be left behind. It would be best if you gathered a couple of boxes and bins and started separating all of your belongings. For instance:

  • Keep Box – In here, start putting all the things that you plan on bringing with you. But, do not go overboard. Bring only the items that are absolutely necessary, irreplaceable and valuable to you and your family.
  • Donate Box – If you have some items that are in good shape, but you do not need them anymore, consider donating them to your local charity. You will make somebody really happy.
  • Sell Box – Again, if you have some items that are in good shape, and you need some cash on the side, consider selling them. You can sell them online (on Craigslist, for example) or organize a yard sale.
  • Throw Away Box – And, if you have some items that are completely useless, broken or damaged, do not waste your packing materials and space in the truck on them. Let them hit the bin.
A free sign on the fence.
Always downsize and declutter before you decide to relocate!

Do Not Forget to Gather All the Packing Supplies

If you decide to hire movers, you will not have to worry about gathering packing supplies as they will bring their own. But, if you decide to do this project by yourself, you will need to gather all the packing supplies by yourself. For that DIY kind of move, you can go to some well-equipped stationery shop or a hardware store and get your supplies from there. You will need cardboard boxes of all sizes, plastic bins, plastic wrap, packing paper, moving blankets, packing peanuts, duct tape, scissors, and permanent markers. If you have some specialty items like flat-screen TVs, pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, aquariums and similar, you might need some special crates too. Thus, make an inventory of all the things you plan on relocating, and do the math to figure out how much packing supplies you will need.

A pile of cardboard boxes on a pallet.
Never cut corners when it comes to packing supplies. Proper packing supplies are the key to a successful move.

Do Know How to Pack

And, after you have gathered all the necessary packing supplies, it is time to start packing. Of course, you do not have to be a professional to know how to pack, but there are some rules you must follow. For instance, you should seal the bottom of all of your boxes with a lot of duct tape before you start filling them up. Then, be careful not to overfill the boxes! If they are too heavy, they might tear up. Also, be careful when stacking the boxes into the moving truck – put the heavy boxes on the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. And, always remember to label every single box! Good luck! We hope your intercity goes well!