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Out of all the major social media platforms, Instagram is one of the most highly leveraged and growing social media platforms worldwide due to its stunning visuals and vibrant presence.

Over the years, Instagram has garnered over 500 million daily active users who take major shopping inspiration from the platform.

Moreover, E-commerce platforms also have understood how significant Instagram has become for upscaling businesses and maximizing their business and profits.

Instagram Shopping Feed For Shopify Brands – A Match Like No Other?

Shopify is a major e-Commerce platform that is highly used by brands and businesses to display and sell their products by improving the look of the shop using its splendid customization options.

On the other hand, ever since Instagram started its Instagram Shopping feature back in 2018,

It allowed brands and businesses to create posts using which their customers or followers can shop and complete the transaction without leaving the platform.

Even though Shopify is a favorite and a big hit amongst e-commerce brands due to its integrations and affordability factor, Instagram shopping has surpassed everything that Shopify has to offer since it offers a social experience and multiple other benefits to its users that we shall be covering as you keep reading the blog.

Shoppable Instagram shopify app can, without a doubt, completely transform the marketing game of the brand and take the profits and sales to another level!

Why Must Brands Leverage Instagram Shopping?

Enhances Product Discoverability

The major challenge shoppers go through while shopping on e-commerce platforms is finding or discovering their preferred products.

Even on social media, when customers find a product of their preference, they often cannot find it again. Through Instagram shopping, the users can tap on Shoppable posts, check the product’s specifications, including pricing and features, and instantly choose between purchasing the product or not.

Moreover, they can do so easily in a few clicks without leaving the platform if they wish to purchase.

Visual Marketing = More Sales

Instagram provides brands an opportunity to leverage the power of visual marketing into their business.

Instagram, being a photo-sharing and editing platform, is highly vibrant and dominated by visuals.

Using Instagram shop, you can compel your potential customers to buy your products by displaying stunning pictures and videos.

Moreover, visuals are far more engaging and descriptive as compared to their text counterparts. Marketing through visuals can seamlessly help you increase your conversions and sales since surveys suggest that more than 80% of your customers are more likely to finalize a purchase after watching a video of your product.

Provides A Frictionless & Quick Buying Journey

The one factor that irritates and agitates customers the most is a prolonged buying journey and a complex checkout process where they are told to fill in their Email ids, contact numbers, and many other details.

Instagram Shopping solves this problem as it allows the users to complete the transaction process in a few taps and clicks.

Moreover, the users can seamlessly complete the transaction process without leaving the platform. The information can be saved for future purchases, making it even more convenient and faster to complete the buying process.

Escalated Engagement & Sales

One of the major benefits of utilizing Instagram shopping as a major marketing strategy is it massively helps brands and businesses to increase their overall engagement and sales.

Sales and engagement are a crucial part of any business, and when brands convert their promotional posts into shoppable posts, they enable the scrollers to stop, tap and check the pricing and other specifications of the product, leading to an increase in their engagement levels.

Moreover, the shoppable tags feature allows customers to instantly decide while socializing, which would otherwise take a long time and more effort!

A Chance To Leverage User-Generated Content

Last but certainly not least, Shoppable Instagram gives brands a chance to generate User-Generated Content, i.e., the content created by the customers while utilizing their products, and it is the most trustworthy, authentic, and genuine form of content online.

Your potential customers highly utilize such content to make buying-related decisions. As such, 85% of the customers see and want to know the experiences of the brand’s existing customers before making a final purchase.

Final Conclusion

Suppose you are a Shopify brand and are not satisfied with the growth of your business and sales. In that case, we highly recommend you leverage the power of Shoppable Instagram into your business.

In today’s digital ecosystem, customers are looking for new ways to make their online shopping experience more simplified, quick, and convenient.

Shoppable Instagram ensures the customers enjoy a shopping experience like never before and offers tremendous benefits to the brands.

We have reached the end of the blog see and are positive that you must now be thoroughly motivated to leverage Instagram shopping into your business as well!

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