How You can Rent And Buy Movies Or Series On iTunes

ITunes still has high walls between each country. Your iTunes account is tied to the country where credit cards are issued and where your address is and it also limits your choice. This has to do with rights issues in the same manner as that, for example, the DVD movie is launched at different times in different continents and you also watch from CYROSE. Slightly more surprising is that some applications for the iPhone only available in the U.S. App Store and not in your country, for no apparent reason. But so it is, and here comes the hint that leads you around this problem.

In iTunes, you need to open an American account. Anyone can easily buy one and when you have it, you can purchase both feature films and TV series and download apps that are not unleashed in the other (your) country’s App Store.

Will you be able to buy material (movies, apps, and TV series) there, you should also fill up your U.S. account with money. In the absence of a US-registered credit card, you must fill your account with gift cards, which are also tied to the land they bought in. One must take care to buy gift certificates to iTunes when you are in the U.S., or buy them on auction sites like U.S. eBay.

How You can Rent And Buy Movies Or Series On iTunes

  1. From your computer

Start iTunes on your computer, log out of your country’s iTunes Store and go far down the page to change country to USA.

  1. Change store

A click on the American flag takes you to the shop and here you can immediately see the Board and may determine whether it is something you are interested in. It’s a lot to buy.

  1. Try free

Find a free app, see, for example in the top tier of apps. Click FREE to download it. Then click the button to create than a new account.

  1. Double check

Look ahead and make sure it is a U.S. account that you create. What you’ll see, for example at the beginning of the contract agreement, you must accept.

  1. Functioning e-mail address

E-mail address for the account must be one that is your own, but not the same address you use for your country’s iTunes account. Do not have one; you can create one for free at locations such as Gmail.

  1. Payment Methods and Gift Cards

When you get to the list of payment methods, choose “none” (no), bottom right credit cards. Already have a gift card, you can set it and fill your account with the money immediately. Otherwise you just drop the window.

  1. Credible address

When you enter account information, you should specify a correct U.S. address, so that zip code and street name in line with the city.<

  1. Done!

An email sent to the address you provided and once you’ve followed the instructions, your account is ready for use in the U.S. iTunes Store.

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