Windows XP

Windows XP is perhaps one of the most popular operating systems that ever were made. Even after all these years and multiple versions of Windows coming out after Windows XP was introduced, there are still a number of people who still prefer to use Windows XP as compared to the later versions that came out after its launch. Windows XP was a revolutionary change in the world of computers and it was one of the most successful attempts to let people know that the world will soon be ruled by computers and everything that you need to do can be done on your computer itself.

At itechgyan, you will be able to see the benefits of Windows XP and how you can get the same re-instated on your personal computer. Prior to Windows XP, Microsoft had basic features in their operating systems and people would have to wait for a long time in order to do multiple things. However, with Windows XP they could now do multiple things and could also make better use of the computer than they could have ever imagined. Windows XP not only turned out to be the most user friendly operating system that Microsoft introduced, but it also became one of the most popular and successful operating systems till date. This was the turning stone for most professionals and they soon realised that life with computers is a lot easier than without it. IT professionals till date confirm that Windows XP was definitely the most comfortable operating system to work with. If you are wondering what made Windows XP so popular and why it stands out amongst all the other operating systems that Microsoft has introduced, here are five key features of Windows XP that you should definitely take note of.

WLAN Features

Prior to the introduction of Windows XP, every computer needed to be connected to the internet with a wire. The introduction of wireless and LAN network made life a lot easier especially for business owners. While they initially needed to invest in multiple internet connections and get the wiring done for every system so that it could run smoothly on the Internet or dial up connection, Windows XP opened up the doors for wireless connection and introduced WLAN features that made it a lot more convenient to connect multiple systems to one network without having to worry about many wires. This made it easier for many people to work using the same internet connection and without coming in the way of one another. It also craved the path for mobile internet that became very popular. Wireless network was very convenient to use and it is one of the major reasons why people who belong to the IT Department are still in favour of Windows XP and the features that came along with it.

System Restore

Just like Windows 10, Windows XP came with spruced up features and a layout that people were not too familiar with. Prior to Windows XP, all Microsoft operating systems looked very basic and different however as soon as Windows XP came in, the complete layout of Microsoft Windows changed for the better. It became more user friendly, sleeker and better to look at. It also came with a system restore function which enabled you to make changes on your system without having to worry about it permanently creating any changes that you wouldn’t be able to undo. The system restore enables you to restore back any changes that you made and you were not happy with at the simple click of a button. This was a great feature especially for people who kept testing new apps on their system. This was one of the major reasons why Windows XP became a hot favourite among people who belonged to the technical industry as well as IT professionals.

Remote Desktop Feature

With Windows XP came the remote desktop feature that became one of the most convenient and popular features for business owners. This allowed you to control all the systems in the LAN connection and this helped employees stay focused on their work rather than browse away on different websites. Prior to Windows XP every system has its own privacy even at the office and this became very complicated for business owners because they had no clue what their employees were up to. With this remote desktop feature it became very convenient for business owners to keep an eye on their employees and keep a check on what they were doing. This made employees more responsible and they started to focus on work rather than checking out websites that were not relevant to their work. The remote desktop feature made it more convenient for business owners to get their employees to work more without wasting too much time.

App Compatibility

Another reason why Windows XP has been a hot favourite for business owners as well as tech employees is because they were able to test more applications on this platform than they were before. Windows XP is a very user-friendly platform and people could install different kinds of apps without having to worry about whether or not it would be compatible with the operating system. Till date Windows XP is known to be the most compatible operating system there was which is why it is still used in many IT firms across the globe.

The Firewall

The firewall was first introduced with Windows XP and this firewall enabled a lot of businesses to keep away certain websites that shouldn’t be accessed at the organisation. This made it very convenient for businesses to function smoothly without having to keep a close eye on what their employees are doing. The firewall also helped to block viruses and keep an eye on websites and away from computer that had critical information and data stored on it. It helped to build a secure environment and keep the system cleaner and as well as reduce the risk of a virus or a malware attack.

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