How to Watch TV Channels on Smartphone without Premium Subscription

How to Watch TV Channels on Smartphone

As the mobile network has changed from traditional 2G to 4G networks, more and more apps are released to give more entertainment for the users like live streaming apps for both video and audio. Major releases are channels streaming apps. There are so many android and iOS apps in the market that allows you enjoy the tv channels online live in india. Here in this post, i will show you the best app in india to watch online live streaming of channels online without any paid subscription.

There are so many apps available that you can enjoy the live streaming of channels that have many india channels. But most of the apps are providing only small number of channels for free. To get many channels online you need to buy premium subscription.

Download and install Reliance Jio Tv app to get 600+ channels online live without any premium subscription. You just need One Jio SIM and an active Jio data plan to enjoy the almost all indian channels online live with your smartphone. Also there are so many features are available on JioTv app that cannot give you any other competitive online tv streaming apps.

Jio Tv in association with hotstar gives access to almost all indian channels from different languages and different categories. You can enjoy channels from almost all languages like tamil, telugu, punjabi, bhojpuri, malayalam, hindi, kannada, assamese etc and from different categories like news, sports, music, movies, kids etc.

JioTv app only works with Jio 4G VoLTE network so that you cannot enjoy tv channels via Jio tv on any other network even it is 4G network. To watch tv channels, you need not to log in to the app instead just insert Jio SIM on your 4G smartphone and enjoy channels free. Just click here to download Jio tv app latest version. When the launch of the app, there were only 350 channels are in the list, but in the last update, 606 channels in the list from 16 languages and 11 categories.

Many other apps like airtel tv, Idea tv etc only give access to limited number of channels, and to watch some channels, you need premium subscription to access those channels. Jio tv app is the perfect to get all channels without any premium subscription.

Features of JioTv app

  • 600+ channels available with 60+ channels in HD format.
  • Play and pause button so that you will never miss any part of the shows.
  • In built media player with screen lock facility. You will never have zero disturbance while watching.
  • Record your favorite channels so that you can re-watch it on later.
  • Easy to use interface. just use dropdown to get the categories and languages.
  • If you have missed some episodes. Just get the episodes of past 7 days.
  • Share your favorite shows to your friends and families via share button.

You can download the app for both android and iOS smartphones. When you download the app and open, it will automatically log in to the app if you have inserted Jio SIM. And if you are using JioFi wifi modem, you need to configure the JioFi with Jio4GVoice app, and then with Your Jio id and paswword, you can log in to JioTv app and enjoy the tv channels free.

Now download and enjoy TV channels free without any premium subscription.

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