How to Travel With a Limited Budget in Pakistan

Traveling locally or internationally needs planning. Traveler must keep a few things in mind when traveling a place; he must be aware of cultural preferences, and the things which needed to be avoided. The idea of traveling to Pakistan usually gets a lot of criticism and people claim that it is not a safe place to visit.However, there are positive reviews that explain how traveling across Pakistan is an exciting experience, and it is absolutely different from what is being portrayed about the country. Here are some tips to travel to Pakistan in a limited budget.

Outline Trip: The first thing to do is to map your trip. Search about places worth visiting and mark it on the map. Plan about how to visit those marked places, what routes should be taken that will consume less time and less fuel, and avoid taking extra long routes. The most common mistake people make is to overload them with a lot of luggage makes traveling difficult. Don’t waste a lot of money on clothes and two pairs of jeans and few tops to travel for 7, 9 days are enough.

Choose Accommodation: Camping out is the smartest decision to save money. In Pakistan, especially in the Northern areas, a better idea is to camp out rather than renting hotels. However, make sure to have kitchen or fire facility.

Mode of Travelling: Pakistan has a lot to see. Try not to miss any chance and travel in local transportation. Explore Pakistan from the locals’ perspective. The wind that you will feel on your face adds a splash of experience. It is adventurous, simpler, and absolutely fun traveling on local buses and rickshaws. To travel among cities, train experience is a complete book of adventure and also saves a lot of your money. And if you are traveling to mountains, travel in a jeep. And the best part is traveler will enjoy every piece of land’s beauty, greenery, landscapes, and waterfalls.

Hire Local Travel Guide: Local guides ensure that you do not get lost in the northern areas; they will help you to enjoy the trip at fullest. Also, they will help you where you should go and where you shouldn’t. You can also take one of Pakistan northern areas tour packages to maintain your ticket expense.

Arrange food: Keep snacks and instant cooking food in your bag but again nothing extra. Avoid spending a lot of money on fast food, junk item on international food chain stores. Experience local foods like paratha, halwa-puri, etc. Enjoy every bit of your adventure at fullest.

Wearing Shalwar Kameez: It is not compulsory to wear Shalwar kameez in Pakistan, but if you wear it, the local people will really appreciate you; especially in Pakhtun areas. Wear their traditional handmade clothes especially when you visit rural areas. This will give you a great feeling as well as it will save you from buying a lot of international branded clothes.

Safety and Security: Pakistan is not a dangerous country but not the safest as well. A traveler should be careful about things as it’s better to be cautioned. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to take care of your belongings by your own self. No need to surround yourself in large protocols. Pakistan is a safe land so there is no need to spend thousands of money on guards and security. The only tip is; travelers should keep all senses active, avoid social engineering and must do some research about pricing, places and every related thing to be safe from any scam.

These are few major tips to keep in mind when traveling to Pakistan, there is a lot to explore in Pakistan that will give you a lifetime experience that is worth spending your time and money on. Traveling in Pakistan is budget friendly, food, accommodation, living, traveling everything. When buying local craft do not pay a very low price to people who spent weeks and months on creating something. People of rural areas are so innocent and helpful they will help you, accommodate you as much as they can. And will make your experience memorable.