Thu. Jan 23rd, 2020


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How to Stay Healthy When You are Running Out of Money

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How to Stay Healthy

Every year you take a resolution to stay fit by giving up smoking, drinking and junk diet and joining gym, but you collapse before your body becomes habitual to your new diet plan. Maintaining health is becoming challenging day by day because of work pressure and responsibility. The biggest reason for taking a toll on health is stress.

Financial stress has forced a large number of people to opt for part-time jobs or spending additional hours in their offices to earn extra money. In fact, a large numbers rely on loans such as guaranteed payday loans bad credit to meet their regular expenses. Poor financial planning makes difficult paying off the loan that results in bad credit. The rising pressure of debt causes stress, anxiety and other health issues.

Some people think that they can maintain their health if they workout in gyms. People who are running out of money cannot afford to bear the membership fees. Does that mean you cannot stay fit? Well, do not live under the impression that this is the only way to boost your health. You can maintain your health even if you are living on low wages.


Stress disrupts your blood sugar and blood pressure and therefore it should be moderate. Your body needs to be physically active to mitigate it. If you do not have money to spend in a gym, you should go for walk. It will burn your calories and lessen the level of stress. If there is no park nearby, you should run around the neighbourhood. 30-minute walk every morning will not only keep your overall body fit but also uplift your mood. If you do not want to walk, other options are yoga and meditation. Yoga will keep your entire body function fit and meditation is a good way to relieve you from stress.

Stay hydrated

Water is very important to your health. Experts suggest that you should drink eight to nine glasses of water every day, but everyone’s body acts differently. Therefore, drink water whenever you are thirsty. Your body should stay hydrated throughout the day. Otherwise, your brain will be fogged. Proper water intake keeps you energetic and fresh.

Eat healthy and home cooked Meal

First off, stop ordering takeaways every other day. There is nothing wrong if you eat food at restaurants, but it should not be frequent. If your budget is low, you should prefer eating at home as much as possible. It has two benefits: first, you can save money in expensive meals and second, you will have nutritious food. Eating healthy is very simple. You do not need to get into complex recipes that you mainly learn from YouTube videos such as breakfast smoothies and cupcakes. Keep your grocery list simple and buy them from a grocery store to save money in cost. Try to have fruits and vegetables as much as possible instead of processed food. Whole carbs and whole grain food will help you stay active.

Eat seasonal food

Health experts recommend that you should prefer eating seasonal food. If you will eat summer food during the winter, it obviously will not be budget friendly. In summers, prefer eating summer food and in winters, try to eat winter food. Make sure that you choose food items that easily available during that particular season. This is the best way to eat healthiest food throughout the year and you will not have to go further afield to grab things not available in your local market.

Analyse how your body reacts to food

Healthy food and water are important to stay fit, but you will have to find out how your body responds to a particular type of food. Since everybody’s body reacts differently, you should monitor what you easily digest and what you do not. For instance, some people become constipated after intake of spinach and some feel absolutely fine. If you know which food suits you and which does not, you can avoid shelling out in medical expenses.

The bottom line

If you want to stay healthy, you need to be careful with your diet. Eat fruits and green vegetables and keep your body hydrated. Try to avoid taking stress as much as possible. This is one of the biggest concerns to deteriorate health. Exercise every day. Do not consume alcohol and avoid smoking. The rule of thumb says that you should avoid eat nutritious food. You can get it even if you are on low income.