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How to speed up your NYC move?

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If you’re planning to move to New York City, you must know one thing. Moving to New York City can be a very long process. Large numbers of people move to New York City every year, and if you’re one of them this year, you might have to wait a long time before you move to NYC. Luckily, there’s a way to speed up your NYC move. And if you want to know how you can do just that, you came to the right place because here’s where you are going to find all the information that you need.

Plan ahead to speed up your NYC move

A very important step of moving to New York is actually sitting down and planning the whole relocation process. Planning ahead your relocation to New York can not only speed it up because it was organized and well-thought-through, but it is also going to make it much easier to handle. You’ll be able to control what is happening and when if you do this. You plan your move months in advance and something could go wrong, but most of the time the moves that are planned for months are the best ones and the easiest ones. 

You can plan your move in a notebook or on your smartphone. Either way, it has to be something that you will be able to look at any time it is needed. This is where you’re going to write down all the details, your expenses, the dates. Basically, anything that has to do with your relocation to New York should be written in your plan. Here are some tips for what you should plan before you move house.

Hire a reliable moving company to speed up your NYC move

Not hiring a moving company is only going to make your move slower and as you want to speed up your NYC move, you should definitely hire movers for your relocation. Movers are professionals who move people almost every day. They know how to do things most efficiently and without getting injured as they’re physically more prepared for moving than you are. If you are having a long-distance move, the only way not to lose your mind while doing it is to hire a moving company to relocate you.

But why do we say “a reliable” moving company? Well, unfortunately, there are a few scam moving companies out there that lure people to hire them by giving amazing deals and prices that are too good to miss out on. This is only going to add more stress if you end up hiring such a moving company. A good example of a reliable moving company is Movage Moving New York City.

Get someone to help you pack

What lasts the longest when it comes to moving is packing. It can take a very long time if you have plenty of things and it is also very tiring. If you asked some of your friends and family to help you with packing, it is going to last much shorter. You can also hire a professional packing service that plenty of moving companies offer. But even if you don’t do that, having a helping hand from a friend or a family member is going to make this whole process last much shorter.

While you are packing your belongings you also need to make sure that you are packing smartly. It is best to pack one room at a time. This also makes packing much faster as you’re only focused on one room. Not to mention the fact that this is the most organized way to pack and there won’t be much clutter in your home.

Get all the necessary supplies before you start packing

A lot of people start packing without even having all the packing supplies that they need ready. This can slow down your packing process. Here are all the packing supplies that you need to get before you start packing:

  • Packing paper 
  • Moving boxes 
  • Bubble pack
  • Labels 
  • Moving blankets 
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Once you have those ready, you can start packing. If you don’t have a large budget and that’s why you are avoiding getting packing supplies, you should know that you could find free boxes. You just have to go to your local supermarket and ask some of the employees if they have any boxes that they don’t need in the back of the storage room. You’ll definitely be able to gather a few boxes for your relocation this way. And some of the things on the list you already have at home so you won’t need to spend money on that either.

Prepare yourself for your relocation

You also need to prepare yourself for your NYC move. Even if you plan everything out, something could go wrong and you have to be mentally ready to handle any situation that comes your way. That is why we suggest taking a few days off before and after the move. This way you’ll have time to relax a little and to get rested but you’ll also be able to make some last-minute preparations and adjustments. Doing this also gives you time to unpack after you move. And as you’ll be tired after the whole process, you definitely need some free time. This is also going to make getting used to your own apartment in NYC much easier and faster.

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