How to Sell your Belongings Online before Remodeling

Belongings Online

There can be many different reasons that can motivate you to remodel your home. Whatever the reason may be, the goal is to improve something within your living space. Remodeling implies that you will need to do a certain amount of preparation. From choosing contractors to making a budget, it all must be done. In many instances, remodeling will motivate you to get rid of some things from your home. Thus, when you really think about it, what better way is there then to sell your belongings online.

How to start your selling process?

You will need a list to keep track. In order to make a list, you must browse through your home and really think about what you do not need or what you do not want anymore. Afterward, you will probably start making the list. It is really common to divide the list into two sections. One part of the list will be made up of things that you decided to sell and the other will be made up of things that you might want to donate. You might have some hoodies, blankets and similar things that you don’t need anymore. There are those in need that can use them. So, keep them in mind and do a good deed.

Why is selling a good option before you start remodeling?

It doesn’t matter if you decided to remodel to increase your home’s value or because you need to make some changes in your living space. Remodeling costs a lot. Remodeling materials are pricey and contractor services are not cheap. You can use all the financial help you can get.

However, if you are moving, the same applies. When I decided to move I sold a lot of my things online. Surprisingly, the money that I earned covered all my expenses with my moving company, which was Small World Moving TX.

Analyze your list

Once you have decided what do you want to sell something, you should take a closer look at the type of things that are on your list. For example, are you selling the two fancy designer purses that you never use? Perhaps, you decided you don’t need three televisions in your home. Maybe, you are just tired of your black sofa and you are in the mood for something more colorful. Whatever the case may be, put your things in categories because it will play a role later on in the process. In other words, there are apps that specialize in selling only electronics. So, if you have some electronics, you will target such sales platforms.

Let’s get specific – where to sell your belongings online

So, we already mentioned there are many different websites and apps where you can sell your belongings online. Only you can determine which is the best choice for you. Before you take action, really think about. You want to make sure you get top bucks for your things. Rather than rushing the process, take your time and make the smartest decision possible.

Try LetGo

LetGo is an application that you can easily download on your phone. It is a free application that is focused on selling things locally. One of the main reasons we recommend this app is because it is very user-friendly. In a matter of minutes, even seconds, you can snap a pic and post it online for the potential buyers to see.

Also, users can have private chats in order to exchange all useful information. For example, if you are looking to sell or buy furniture online locally, check it out.

eBay and eBay Valet

Maybe we haven’t all used Ebay but we certainly all know what it is. That might be the biggest advantage of this platform – popularity. Also, you can find on it whatever your heart desires. From electronics to garden equipment, it is all there. Which means whatever you want to sell, you can use eBay to do it.

In addition, there is eBay Valet. eBay Valet’s services are basically selling experts that can assist you during your selling process. They can take pictures of items that you want to sell, list your belongings and once the sale is completed, ship the items to their new owner. A little piece of advice, that I learned the hard way during my remodeling and moving days. Whatever the case may be, when moving items use plastic crates instead of moving boxes.

If your things a techie use Gone

Gone is an amazing app that will help you get an extra buck for your unneeded gadgets. It is easy to download and use on your cellphone. There is a brilliant twist with this app. Your electronics will go through inspections and quality checks. If the item passes all the needed requirements, people that work for the app will sell your items for you. I mean seriously, it cannot get easier than that. However, Gone’s great services do not end there. They will organize appropriate packing and shipping for your sold items. What a great way to sell your belongings online.


Even though it is best known as a social network, Facebook can also be used to sell belongings online. Have you heard of Facebook Marketplace? Here, you can promote your items that you are looking to sell.

Also, there is another option, there are groups that are focused on buying and selling items. Through them, you can offer your things to potential buyers. For example, I was wondering how and where to buy my nightstand online? Believe it or not, I bought it on Facebook.

At least we managed to go through some ways to sell your belongings online. Still, there are many more platforms that can be used to do this. Explore all the options first and then decide which platform best suits you. If you take your time and find the best option for you, most certainly you will bust your remodeling budget with the income from your online sales.