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How to Run Android Apps On Laptops

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Running Android Apps on Laptops

Windows are getting better day by day and so are the apps on windows but sometimes, you might just stumble upon a very useful app which still hasn’t made its way to the windows. Unfortunately, getting an app from your tablet or phone to your PC isn’t as easy as installing a new software and working with it. Microsoft has been working to do Android App mirroring in windows 10 however, you can work this out with a few third-party software’s that conveniently help you run android apps on laptops in Sri Lanka. So, whether you own the best gaming laptop in Sri Lanka or a Windows laptop in Sri Lanka, you can easily use apps from your smartphone in Sri Lanka on your laptops. Here’s how it’s done.

Software to Run Android Apps on Laptops

The presence of Android software is almost everywhere. This operating system is not only available in phones but also in tablets, hybrid devices, wearable devices, home appliances, watches and even cars. A number of apps were tested in different ways to run Android apps on PCs but after a lot of effort only one app turned out to perform reliably. This app is known as Blue stacks and is not only fast and reliable but also very easy to use. Other ways were more of a challenge but this one is simpler and leaves no other choice for users.

Step by Step Method of running Blue Stacks

Here’s a step by step guide to work with Blue Stacks in order to run Android apps on laptops:
• Just go to Blue Stacks and press on Download App Player. Click on the download button for Windows or Mac on left or right, respectively.• Next, open the setup file and follow all the instructions on the screen to install Blue Stacks. The instructions are very simple and straightforward and is very similar to installing any other software or programme on your computer.
• Once the installation is complete, run Blue Stacks. There might pop up a notification saying that your graphics driver needs an update. Simply click the “Close” button when you see the pop-up to start Blue Stacks.
• Next, you’ll see a window in which Android is up and running. At the top, click the bi search icon, type the name of the app you want to use, select “Search Play for..” to get any app you want from Google Play Store.
• Now, you’ll have to log in using your existing google account when you search google play for apps. Once you get done with that, you can download almost all the apps and games on your PC except for those that require SIM card confirmation like Whatsapp and Viber. With previous versions of Whatsapp you could easily put in a verification code manually, but now, whatsapp does not let you do any of this easily. It instead sends you a verification code via SMS and also cross check whether your registered phone number received a text message or not. After this, the code is automatically pulled from your phone to register your device. This is one reason why whatsapp does not work with Blue Stacks.
• Installing applications is very simple. All you need to do is use the search button on the home screen and click Search Play for, as mentioned in Step 4. This will take you to Google Play, where you can click “Install” to get the app.


This software, Blue Stacks, is very essential as it has an Android app which allows you to sync installed apps between your PC and phone whenever needed. You can use mouse in order to simulate taps and swipes but along with that, this software also supports hardware keyboards for games like Temple Run which clearly means you can play this games using computer’s keyboards as well. You can also type using the keyboard if you have a specific text-editor on Android. This software is paid. You can only use a trial for half an hour or so but it’s as low as $2 per month. If not, you can also install some sponsored apps as well. But here’s a tip, you can delete it once you’ve installed it so in short, Blue Stacks can be free of cost for you!


Author: This article has been written by Daniyal Buksh, a professional blogger and enthusiastic writer who loves to write about things that not only help people but provide knowledge and in-depth analysis of how things work.


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