How to Redecorate

When you’re looking at decorating your house, whether it’s just time for a touch-up, a change in style, or some dense renovation, you have to be able to plan for any problems that creep up along the way. You need to have some contingency plans (and some extra money) to ensure that your project doesn’t get stuck in the mud, and your decoration comes to a standstill. This can become a particular problem when trying to renovate old houses. What looks like a perfectly durable floor or wall can suddenly become a nightmare of dry rot, mold, termites, and who knows what else.

Once you’ve overcome all of these problems, the real fun can begin. It’s time to put your interior design hat on and splash your personality over all the blank canvas you’ve created for yourself.

There are a number of facets you need to contemplate when going to decorate different rooms in your house:

Living Room

Everyone wants their living room to be a warm and comfortable space for them to be able to chill out at the end of the day. You need to be thinking about large pieces of upholstery, such as sofas and armchairs. If you have the room, you might want to look into investing in a corner sofa. These are excellent additions to any living room and provide the ultimate relaxation for any family to cuddle upon at the end of a long day.

When redecorating your living room, you need to be aware of what your room is going to focus on. For the majority of living rooms, this will be the television. But, when it’s turned off, what is your room going to focus on? Do you have a great big window looking out to your yard, a piece of art, or a great big stereo that you want to use? You need to be thinking about this all the time when you’re redecorating. The last thing you want is to decorate and move all your new stuff in, only for it not to fit or cut the room in half with your giant new sofa. Be sensible when picking out furnishings and think about what you had in your room already.

Kitchen Area

We Americans love our kitchens. They’re the heart of our home, the central hub not just for cooking, but for sharing a Coffee Mug, eating, and as always, a good house party always circulates around it. Redecorating your kitchen is a big job and should not be undertaken without prior thought and planning. If you’re not up for ripping out your existing kitchen and starting all over again, then why not look into getting your cabinet doors changed and trading your old wooden work surface for a marble one? Simple changes like this can turn an old and tired looking kitchen into a fresh cooking space fit for any gourmet chef.


This is probably the easiest room in your house to decorate; with a few licks of paint and some shuffling around of furniture, you can turn your old tired bedroom into a luxurious boudoir. If you’ve got a feature wall then why not think about being bold and splashing a bit of color on there? A deep red or a purple can spice up a dull room – don’t have a house full of cream walls, be adventurous.

Flooring Idea

Flooring is a big deal these days; there are so many options for you to choose from depending on which room you’re redecorating. Laying down some new flooring is a really easy way to completely change a room altogether – you’d be surprised at how much light a thick, dark carpet can suck up in a room. Wooden floors are extremely salient at the moment, whether you head down to the hardware shop and rent out a sander to give an extra shine to your old floorboards or be a little more radical and purchase some floorboards made out of old wine barrels.

In other flooring recommendations, there’s been a lot of interest in different types of textured flooring. Industries are starting to experiment with more and more radical textures and materials. Cork tiles, for example, are being rolled out across stores worldwide as a warmer, more insulating alternative to laminates. Sustainable woods are also coming into play in this market, bamboo being a new feature on the market, which is really taking off. Bamboo flooring gives a wonderful polished finish and is a very sustainable resource.


Whatever you end up doing when you’re redecorating your house, be sure that your project comes in on time and budget. The last thing you want to be doing is pouring money into a never-ending project that gets more and more complicated. You may have a lot of different ideas about what you want to get out of the room, but you may have to curb some of them. Keep it simple, and you can’t go wrong.

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