How to Prepare Your Child for Back to School Time


Back to school time is filled with excitement as well as a bit of anxiety, not only for children, but for parents as well. Going up a grade means that the kids would have to adjust to a new classroom, with new teachers as well as a more demanding academic environment. While there are some kids who look forward to this transition from one class to another with eagerness, there are also some who find this quite stressful. In such a case, it is the responsibility of the parents to prepare their children for going back to school in such a way that they do not get overwhelmed with the magnitude of this whole new situation. A little organization and thoughtfulness go a long way in getting your children ready for a new session.

Here, we have compiled a list of some useful tips to help you prepare your child for back to school time!

1. Getting into a fixed sleeping pattern

With a new school session on the way, it is extremely necessary to get into a fixed sleeping pattern for you as well as for your kids. Going to sleep early and getting up early in the morning would ensure that your mornings are fresh and beautiful, and never chaotic. Like they say, early to bed, early to rise, makes you healthy, wealthy and wise! Also, try to prepare as much as you can at night, such as ironing the uniform and packing your child’s school bag, so that it doesn’t get too hectic for you and your kid in the morning. Get into this sleeping arrangement around a week before school begins as that would help you to adapt to this routine with ease. Being disciplined and following this routine would cut down your stress to a large extent and you will have a great start to the day!

2. Have a great time shopping for school supplies with your kid

Back to school shopping can be a fun activity for kids as well as parents. Let them choose their own school bag, lunch box and other stationery. However, set a budget and make them understand that they would have to buy everything within that budget as going overboard with their choices would not be allowed. Buying new stuff gets them excited for going back to school and sticking to a budget instills a sense of responsibility in them as well.

3. Attend the orientation session or meet the class teacher

There are some schools which have an orientation session with new students before the session begins. If there is any such opportunity at the school you are sending your kid to, make the most of it. Also, if there is no such thing happening, then at least try to get an appointment with the class teacher and know more about the new session, so that your child feels comfortable in his/her new class and easily gets settled in there.

4. Go through the books and other materials

Most schools these days give the syllabus and books to parents/students quite a few days before the start of the new session. So, if you have those new books with you, make sure to go through them and ask your kid to read them as well. If possible, start preparing for one or two chapters in advance, so that by the time school begins, your kid is a bit ahead in his/her preparation. This would help him/her to comprehend those chapters better when they would be taught in the class.

5. Get cool breakfast/lunch ideas from the internet

Children sometimes tend to feel a bit low when their school reopens after a long vacation. All the fun they had during the holidays makes them not want to go back to school. What you can do to cheer them up is to get some really cool breakfast/lunch ideas from the internet. Having the same breakfast/lunch every day is boring. Learn to give a new flavor to your old dishes or pep them up with some easy techniques. A great breakfast is a start to a great day and a good lunch would always bring a smile on their faces after a hard day at school. However, make sure that whatever you are cooking is healthy and would keep your child fit and strong.

6. Have a sincere talk with your kids

Before the school reopens, have a heart-to-heart talk with your kids and try to understand how they are feeling about going to the new class. Don’t assume anything. Instead, let them pour out their feelings to you. They might be anxious or a bit stressed about the new session. Talk to them and let them know that you are always going to be there to support them, no matter what. This would give them so much more confidence to go into the new class with an open mind and attitude.


Going back to school after a long and lazy vacation is a big transition for children as well as for their parents. The idea is to be caring towards your children and to get them disciplined and ready for the session they are about to begin. Following the aforementioned tips would ensure that this transition is much easier and more comfortable for you and your kids to deal with. So try them out and be a calm and relaxed parent at the end of the day!