How to plan a last minute move in Ontario

An alarm clock symbolizing the right time to plan a last minute move.

Planning a relocation can be a bit overwhelming, let alone a last-minute one! Knowing that your timeline is tight can add a bit of stress. However, you can easily simplify the process. In order to plan a last minute move in Ontario, it’s always a good idea to write down all the tasks and obligations around your relocation. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll elaborate more on the topic of last minute moving, and we’ll share our tips on making last minute moving much easier overall.

Relocation Stress

Oftentimes we tend to get stressed when we realize there is plenty to do and very little time. If your timeline is tight, creating a plan is very beneficial. With less time to prepare and pack, you will have to be more efficient with your days and how you use them.

In order to maintain an organization and that high efficiency, a plan will be the perfect guide you need. By writing down daily tasks to complete, you’ll at least know you are gradually but surely covering all important elements of your relocation.

A pocket watch in the sand.
A last minute move simply means less time to prepare and plan. If you are able to use your time efficiently, you can turn this task from complex to simple.

In addition, the importance of using your time wisely becomes even more essential during a last minute move in Ontario. With the clock constantly moving forward, you have to think ahead while creating a stress-free environment.

Plan a Last Minute Move in Ontario Carefully

The good thing about a last minute move in Ontario is that there are plenty of resources to rely on. Call your friends and family to help you declutter and pack your belongings. The more people help out, the faster and easier the process becomes.

Next, as you create your last minute move in Ontario plan, think about your budget and set a solid number to work with. Moreover, this is also the time when you should consider hiring a team of professionals to help with moving. If you contact Number 1 Movers, you’ll be able to get a quote for your move and book your moving day. We suggest doing this as soon as you know your moving date so that you can secure the help of a moving company. This will at least relieve the stress of transferring your items from point A to point B.

Toronto by night.
Break down your relocation plan into a few stages in order to maintain a high level of efficiency.


Once again, timing and efficiency are the key during a last minute move in Ontario. Our suggestion is to visualize the amount of time from now to the moving date, and split your relocation into multiple stages. By covering the entire move, but also breaking it down, you’ll be able to efficiently attack each task at hand. Therefore, set up an easy plan to follow and start completing tasks right away.

Happy Moving

Overall, a last minute move in Ontario simply requires one to be a little more efficient with their time. As long as you are able to stay organized, think ahead, and cover every important aspect of moving, you are pretty much good to go. Therefore, no panic, no stress, and enjoy this fast and simple relocation.