Today, there is a multitude of products and accessories for dogs on the market, and within this sea of options, it is sometimes difficult to choose the items that are most useful. I particularly choose products that are really useful and can be part of my routine with my dogs, so we’ve separated some items for you to write down as a tip.

In this list you will find some very useful products, many of them can be purchased on the internet, for those who are interested. Many of these products have national and imported options.

Silicone Feeder

Expandable Silicone Feeder: This product is an excellent alternative for hiking and traveling, with easy-to-clean and lightweight material. It takes up little space and its retractable design makes it easy to transport in any situation. In addition, the feeder comes with custom silicone molds, which can be exactly as you prefer, this one in particular comes with a hook that you can attach to your backpack, or belt, making it even easier to “grab and bring” and can be Used as a drinking fountain for days of trails or long walks.

custom silicone molds

Feeding Bowl Mat: A great choice for keeping your dog’s food off the floor, making it easy to clean the fur and house as well. Silicone pet mat are easy to wash and can be used indoors and out, being a great space option for the dog, especially during feeding.

Silicone pet mat

Silicone Paw Cleaner: Ideal for occasions where the pet gets mud, grass and other debris on their paws when arriving from a walk, the silicone bristles gently clean, keeping the dirt inside the container and not in your house or car.

Designed to facilitate the hygiene of your pet’s paws. With several soft and super resistant bristles made of silicone, it also has a cup that has its own design to accommodate the irregular shape of the paws; Doesn’t hit your pet’s paw, keeps dirt in the container, great for trips to the park, hiking, running, etc.

Silicone Frisbee

Silicone Frisbee: It is disc shaped for dogs, Frisbee is a great sport for your dog to practice and keep fit. Dogs that practice Frisbee are less likely to get fat and improve their physical conditioning and even help in hunting, as the dog begins to catch the Frisbee more easily. The frisbee is made of 100% silicone helping not to hurt the dog’s mouth and teeth.


  • Healthy physical activity for the dog
  • Prevents diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle
  • Very easy to play
  • Sturdy and high quality product

All the above products are made of silicone which are of great quality and should be used according to your routine and your dogs needs.

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