A motorbike in a garage.

It goes without saying that all of us want a nice and clean garage where we can leave not only our car but all sorts of knick-knacks. However, although we have the best intentions, we tend to overcrowd our garage with those knick-knacks and create a complete mess. And, since we all have busy schedules, usually we do not have enough time to dedicate to organizing and cleaning our garages. So, do not worry, you are not the only one. Thus, in order for you to clean your garage, you have two options – hire a cleaning company or clean it by yourself. Of course, since the first option is too expensive, most of us will go for the second one. Luckily, we are here to help all of you whose garages are in desperate need of a makeover. Thus, if interested in some guidance, as well as some tips and tricks on how to organize your garage space to add more room, keep on reading.

Be Prepared!

When we say – be prepared, we mean both emotionally and physically. Cleaning your garage will be a lot more difficult than just cleaning your living from for example. Trust us, it will be time and energy-consuming. Thus, arm yourself with patience and motivation. You will need those two things once you start this project. Moreover, you will need to prepare everything for organizing your garage too! For example, you will need empty cardboard boxes, plastic containers, trash bags, cans and some of those basic cleaning supplies. You can buy all of these things in a hardware store or even from a moving agency. Doing this step ahead of time will save you a lot of energy and time later on, thus do this before anything else.

Garbage cans.
Make sure your garbage cans are also close by.

Organize the Clutter

Now, it is time for the organization if you want to organize your garage space to add more room. Unfortunately, this step can be really difficult, especially if your garage is cluttered from the bottom to the top. If this is the case, consider keeping your items in a safe storage unit. That is, consider removing those big items, machinery, appliances, and boxes, from your garage until you sort out other things. Or, if you have a yard and nice weather, you can also place all that stuff in there. Then, take those previously mentioned boxes, bins, cans, trash bags and start filling them with the remaining smaller items from your garage, as follows:

  • Keep
  • Give Away
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Trash

Start by tossing everything that is bad, broken, damaged or completely useless. And, if you have some items that are in good shape but you do not use anymore, consider either selling, donating to charity, or giving it away to somebody who needs it. Once you do this with smaller items, move onto the bigger ones you placed in storage or in your yard. Remember to stay patient! This step can last for days, maybe even a week.

Create Zones

We advise you to work in zones and to also create zones. So, what does that mean? Well, working in zones means decluttering one part of your garage at the time. That will help you stay organized as well as not overwhelmed. And, once everything is uncluttered, it would be a good idea to create different zones in your garage. For instance, in one part of your garage, you should place only your tools, in another, you should place only your car items and supplies. Do this with your sports equipment, motorcycle supplies, boxes with holiday decorations, bins with seasonal clothing and even your recycle cans. That way, finding your stuff in the future will be a lot easier. You will always know where each thing is and there will be a lot fewer chances of you creating a big mess again. Try this system, you will not regret it.

A motorbike in a very neat garage.
Having zones in your garage will make everything look more organized.

Go Vertical To Organize Your Garage Space and Add More Room

Most of us are not that lucky to have a huge garage where each of the previously mentioned zones will have a space of their own. That is why you must be creative and resourceful. One of the best ways to do that is to go vertical. That means, creating an organizational storage system on the walls or even on the ceiling. There are many ways to do that. For instance, you can create shelves that will keep your items organized and most importantly, keep them off the ground. For an even better organization, you can put baskets or bins on those shelves and place all the items in there. Use the bottom and the middle of your wall shelves for items you use frequently. And, use the top shelves for items you use seasonally. This tip is great for making any room look bigger, not only your garage.

Tools in a garage as an example of hoe to organize your garage space to add more room.
Utilize the walls of your garage for extra space.

Maintain the Organization

As mentioned in the beginning, creating a mess in a place like a garage is really simple. But, even if you spent an entire week decluttering, cleaning and organizing, all of that can go to waste if you do not maintain that organization. So, try to create a system that you will use on a regular basis. For instance, whenever you bring something to your garage, always put it in its zone or space. If you leave it randomly, you will create a mess in no time. Force yourself to create a habit of placing things where they belong. Do not look at your garage as a dumpster – if you do not know what to do with some of your stuff, donate, sell or give away instantly. This is especially important if you work in your garage. Keeping it neat and clean can improve your productivity! Thus, treat your garage like any other room in your home and it will always be clean and organized.