How to move long distance without losing your mind

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We are not going to start this article off by telling you moving long-distance is very hard and stressful as you already know that. We are going to start off by telling you that it doesn’t have to be as hard and stressful as everyone says it is. There are some ways that you can move long distance without losing your mind, a lot of time and a lot of money. If this is something you want to achieve with your upcoming long-distance move, follow my tips and you’ll have no worries.

Make a to-do list

Being organized is one of the most important things about moving long-distance. Having a to-do list will really help you out with your organization. This list should basically contain all the things you need to do regarding your move. Everything from finding your new home and selling your old one to hiring movers, getting packing supplies and the order of packing. This might not sound necessary but once the moving process begins, people tend to forget a lot of things that need to be done. This list is going to keep you on track.

A checklist you can use to move long distance completely problem-free.
A checklist can help you stay organized.

It’s also very important to start doing this on time. It’s never too late to start being organized but the sooner the better. Organizing everything a few months in advance can only do good for your long-distance move and your mind too. This is going to give you a lot of time to figure out if there are other things that need to be done.

Plan your budget

While making a to-do list, you also need to plan your budget. Planning your budget will save you a lot of gray hairs during your long-distance relocation. As this type of relocation is very expensive and demanding, knowing exactly how much money you’re working with is a big helper. This will allow you to have full control of your move and how much money you can spend on what.

Start by putting down the prices of the home you are selling and buying. And if you are renting, put that on your list. Then calculate exactly how much money you can spend. But make sure you also have some money on the side as you never know what can happen during the move and what expense can pop up surprisingly. After you have your full budget calculated, start calculating how much money you have to spend on movers and moving supplies. You can do more online research about creating your moving budget.

Hiring movers is a must when you move long distance

No matter how big or small your budget is, you have to make room for hiring movers. Hiring movers is the only way you can make your long-distance relocation least stressful. Best Cross Country Movers is the best source of information you can use to find a respectable company you can rely on. Hiring good and reliable movers is important as they will be handling all your belongings. Having someone reliable helping you will certainly make the stress levels low during the relocation process.

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When you move long distance, hiring professionals is the way to go.

A tip for those whose budget is low is to schedule your move months in advance. Certain moving companies give more affordable prices to those who schedule their move on time as it gives the company the time to organize everything much better. This will also give you time to organize your move and your budget much better as you will have time to save up more money. Plenty of companies give free moving estimates so make sure you use this option. An estimate is going to help you with planning your budget. Making a move even cheaper is also possible by moving out of the moving season.

Get the packing supplies and start packing on time with a plan

Packing supplies are very easy to find and they aren’t expensive at all. You can find good-quality packing supplies anywhere so this is not something that should worry you. But it’s very important to start packing on time. Having little time to pack only makes a move harder to handle as you’ll tire yourself out physically much more than if you started two, three weeks before the move. 

Provide enough of packing supplies.

You also need a packing plan. Whether you are moving alone or with your family, you need to pack one room at a time only leaving out the most necessary things. That’s why you have to start by packing the rooms you use the least on your daily basis and finishing off with the rooms you use the most. If you are moving with children, my tip is to pack their room last. If you live in a house, you probably have an attic or a basement. These rooms are usually very messy and they require a lot of time and decluttering while packing. That’s why these come first when it comes to packing. Even if you don’t follow this order, it’s important to pack one room a time.

Figure out your own transportation

Your belongings aren’t the only thing that needs transportation to your new home. You need it too and that’s what you have to plan in advance too. If you will be traveling by plane, train or bus, you need to purchase your ticket(s) which is an additional expense. And if you own a car and you decide to travel like this, you need to pay for a car shipment which is not very cheap. If by any chance you decide that driving to your new home is your way of transportation, you also have to calculate how much money you are going to have to spend on gas and also include the amount of money you will have to spend on food along the way and a place to spend the night if necessary.