How to handle stress when organizing a family relocation?

Hands holding one another to symbolize family relocation

The moving process is full of different emotions. It’s the start of a new life adventure, with the possibility to explore and meet new people. But, on the other hand, moving brings change. So, stress is a natural result of these emotions conflicting. But, when it gets to be too much, it affects mental and physical health. So, you have to know how to handle stress when organizing a family relocation. And since your destination is San Antonio, then you need to know how to prepare. This way you and your family can stay healthy, focus, and settle into the new home as gently as possible.

Have the right attitude

When you’re relocating, make sure you adopt a can-do attitude. This will help you through the tough parts. Plus, it will make your San Antonio relocation easy on your kids. Always focus on the positives. Like exploring a new area, and finding fun family activities to do in your new place. That positivity in your mind can help you to handle the stress.

A woman stressed out
Stressing out is not going to help

Handle stress when organizing a family relocation by researching

Moving to San Antonio is stressful because of many reasons. One of them is leaping into the unknown. So, make sure you research before you relocate. Find out what your new location is like, and the best roads to travel on. Also, see where are the closest grocery stores and restaurants, and other things about your new home. Once you learn this, you can already start to feel comfortable with your new home.

Make a checklist to handle stress when organizing a family relocation

Make a checklist because that will bring some order to the chaos of moving. Break your move down into manageable steps, and you’ll make the whole project more realistic. Make sure your moving include some basic elements, like:

  • Collecting enough moving boxes
  • Making any down payments
  • Creating a travel plan with the best routes
  • Packing – at least a few days or weeks in advance of your move.
  • Placing items into a storage unit for downsizing, or taking them out if you’re upsizing.


Moving usually comes down with a long cleaning process. Once you start preparing the move, you’ll notice that you’ve accumulated a lot of things you don’t use or need. So, why would you pay to move them? Instead, do some decluttering long before the big move rolls around.

When organizing a family relocation, it is important to declutter first

Start early

Leaving all moving tasks until the last minute will likely increase your stress considerably. There are parts of your move, like decluttering, that can be done weeks or even months in advance. But when it comes to packing, that can be done slowly over a few days or weeks. Only leave the essential items until the last minute.

Accept help to handle stress when organizing a family relocation

One of the most important things to remember about moving is that you don’t have to do it yourself. You can ask for help from your friends and family. Also, you can hire a professional moving company if the job is too big for you and your friends. Movers are familiar with all of the tricks, and they have the experience to get the job done efficiently.