How to find cheap but professional movers in NYC? – tips and tricks

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Find cheap but professional movers in NYC to help you navigate your move.

Whichever move you are about to go through, will most certainly take a toll on you. It doesn’t matter if you are going through a local move or a long-distance move. They all demand from you a certain level of preparation and a decent budget. The majority of us when moving have a strict and not so large moving budget. So, it is only natural to look for cheap and affordable movers. Yet, we still want a certain quality of service to be present during our move. We are here to guide you on how to find cheap but professional movers in NYC that will handle the main aspects of your move for you. This is no simple task, so you better buckle up.

To find cheap but professional movers takes time

New York City has a very large market when it comes to moving. However, the large demand is present as well. Which means you do not have time to waste. From the moment you have your moving day set, you should be on the hunt for reliable, yet affordable moving professionals. Movers that are inexpensive and that provide good service get snatched away quickly. Thus, make sure you grab one while they are still available. In this situation time is priceless. It would be perfect if you could start your search for a few months in advance. If you do not have that kind of time, do not despair, but pick up the pace. There are many advantages of using professional movers, so make sure you have yours secured for your moving day.

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During a move every dollar will count, so make sure you make smart choices.

Asking around is your best bet

Find cheap but professional movers, by asking for help from those that are closest to you. What can be more reliable than getting advice from family members, friends or coworkers? There is a big chance that somebody moved in the near past and they will certainly have valuable advice for you. Don’t be fooled. Every company will naturally insist that its services are of high quality. Of course, this is far from the truth. That is why this type of recommendation and feedback is the most reliable. So, finding all the help you need in Crown Heights when moving, by asking people you know for advice and references. The same goes if you are moving to any other NYC neighborhood.

Check out customer reviews online

In case you struck out with family and friends, reading online reviews from recent customers is your next best bet. This is a great way to avoid scams. Also, it is a perfect tactic on how to find cheap but professional movers. By taking this step, you are on a great path of finding reliable help, without sacrificing the quality of your move. Once you have chosen one of the best residential areas in NYC to move to, skip your general favorite pages and dive into review reading. In case you do not know where to start, visit Yelp or MyMovingReviews. These two review platforms will be a great appetizer for your research process.

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Do not neglect reviews of previous customers. They will be a great guide for making your decision.

Insist on having an in-house estimate

Unfortunately, this advice sounds much easier than it really is. You might think, all I need to do is ask for a bunch of predicted prices for my move and that is it. In theory, this is correct, but you should dive dipper into this process if you really want to find cheap but professional movers in NYC. Every moving company will provide an estimate. It is very likely that many will be over the phone or email. However, what you really want is a representative coming into your home and providing you with an in-house estimate. This is the most reliable way to get the closest cost of your move. Since you are on a tight and small budget, you need a precise number.

It is time to compare what you have gathered Now that you have gathered five or more in house estimates it is time to compare them and select the lucky winner. Your reflex will be to gravitate towards the lowest estimate. Nevertheless, you must refrain from doing it. Be careful. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is not true. Also, you must focus on what does the moving company offer for the price they have provided. Maybe with just a little extra charge, some companies will be willing to throw in extra packing service or something else that can make your move easier for you. Be smart and do not rush the process. Having extra help is the perfect way to handle your long-distance move to NYC without stress.

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Be patient and wise when making this very important decision. There are many moving scams out there, so be on the alert.

Don’t forget to check your mover’s legal status

The final step once you have made your choice is to check the legality and legitimacy of your chosen movers. Finally, you managed to find cheap but professional movers! Don’t start celebrating yet. You still need to check them out with the United States Department of Transportation. Every legitimate moving company in NYC must be registered with this legal institution. To finalize this check, go to your mover’s website and find their USDOT number. Once you obtained the needed number, check it out with the USDOT. Remember, if they do not check out, do not risk it. It will be painful, but you must go back to the drawing board.

As you can tell after reading out tips and tricks on how to find cheap but professional movers in NYC, this will be no easy task. However, many have managed it before you which means so will you. Follow our advice, maybe throw in your negotiation skills and surely you will master this task with no problem. After all, the more thorough your research is the better service you will receive once moving day arrives. Happy movers hunting!