Draw Cute Things

How to Draw Cute Things. Everyone loves cute things! When someone says they’re too tough to like sweet things, they probably still do, but they won’t admit it.

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Cute things are everywhere, from baby animals to cartoon characters, mascots, and products. Beautiful things are here to stay!

If you love cute things (which we all do), you should learn to draw cute little characters.

This step-by-step How to Draw Cute Things tutorial will show you how to draw adorable new friends you can be creative with easily!

How to Draw Cute Things

Step 1

This cute things drawing guide will walk you through drawing some adorable ice cream things.

Luckily, ice cream isn’t that pretty in real life. Otherwise, it would be hard to eat it with a clear conscience!

For this first step, you can draw something that looks a bit like the shape of an onion.

As can be seen in the reference image, it has a thick lower section and then rises to meet a thin, sharp spike at the top.

Before you draw this one and move on, look at the next step, as you’ll want to leave some space on the bottom right side of the onion shape.

Step 2

You’ll be glad you left a little gap in your drawing of the cute stuff, as we will draw a small part that detaches from the shape.

This step should be easy as you draw a small curve in the space you left earlier.

Step 3

There are some great truths in life: ice cream needs a cone. That’s why we will add a cone in this step of our How to Draw Cute Things guide!

This should be a piece of cake for you. Normally when drawing straight lines, I recommend using a ruler, but in this case, I recommend doing it freehand.

This image has a cartoonish feel, so making it look rougher and more curved will help add some character to your image.

Step 4

We will draw some details to your cute stuff in this next step. First, you can draw a small curved line on the left side of the ice to create a second arm.

Next, draw small circles near the top of the ice cream to show some bubbles breaking off for a fun effect.

Step 5

In the last two steps of this cute thing drawing guide, we’ll draw some texture on your ice cream cone.

This will be easy for you as you can draw horizontally curved lines along the cone.

For more detail, you can add some dots or other marks to the cone.

Step 6

What makes something cute? There are many things they could be, but if you draw cute things, the face will give it that cute factor!

A trick to make a face pretty is to make the eyes look nice and big. We’ll make the eyes by drawing big black ovals with smaller white circles inside them to show the shimmer.

You could make the eyes even bigger if you wanted! So you can give your drawing a sweet little mouth.

This will use two small curved lines to shape the mouth as it appears in the reference image.

Before moving on to the last step, add a few more things to your design. As you can see in the last reference image, we drew a second ice cream next to the main one.

This little one can be drawn using the same steps as before, but you can change some details.

You could change your mouth or eyes to express it differently than the bigger ice cream!

Step 7

The last step of this how-to-draw cute things tutorial is fun! You can take over and show us how creative you can be in this step, as you can color in your amazing drawing.

A design like this gives you plenty of room to let your creativity run free.

You could go crazy with your favorite bright and cheerful colors that go beautifully with the theme of this picture.

What fun art media will you choose for your drawing? I would use some acrylic paints or crayons to give them a touch of color, but whatever you use will give your photo an amazing color look.

Your Cute Things Drawing is Finished!

By vahade