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User movements are the core of the Internet! Because all affiliate programs deployed in the vastness of the world wide web, ” feed ” on the actions of users. Don’t believe me? Well, take affiliate programs with pay per click for example. After all, someone has to ” click ” the mouse, otherwise, none of its participants will work. But let’s talk about everything in order:

Affiliate programs and user actions

All affiliate programs that exist on the Web, one way or another, based on user actions. After all, the founder of the affiliate program pays all its participants precisely for the number of targeted actions.

Target action – an activity performed by a user on the advertiser’s website, landing page using an advertising tool (banner, teaser, link, etc.). The affiliate programme participant earns a monetary reward as a result of this.

For example, let’s consider a pay-per-click affiliate program. In it, participants of the affiliate program most often receive money from advertisers for the number of clicks made by users through an advertising tool posted on the site.

Most often, the quality of the advertisements posted on the site is assessed using the CTR. This parameter is calculated as the ratio between the number of ad impressions and clicks on it. The higher this indicator, the more effective advertising is.

The most common targeted actions are views and clicks. But such affiliate programs have low efficiency ( for the advertiser ) and profitability ( for the site platform). They do not justify themselves when promoting commercial resources specializing in online sales.

After all, the user’s transition to the landing page and viewing its contents does not give any guarantee that he will buy any of the offered products. Therefore, commercial sites that sell goods and services over the Internet most often use affiliate programs with pay per action (PPA) or Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate programs.

Cost Per Action – we pay only for the result

CPA is one of the advertising payment models used on the Internet. Its peculiarity is that the advertiser pays only for certain user actions performed by them on the target site. For example, affiliate programs with payment for impressions. This makes CPA advertising highly effective.

We can say that with the help of CPA-affiliate programs, an advertiser buys an “end consumer” who has confirmed his interest in the advertised “product” by performing a targeted action.

There are the following payment types in CPA advertising:

For actions;

For contact details;

For the purchase.

The main goal that a detailed CPA advertisement should achieve is to form an effective targeted offer and ” excite ” the maximum degree of motivation among the audience of the site to take targeted action.

CPA affiliates are classified into groups based on the target activity for which the advertiser pays. A “mixed” payment model is also permissible, in which a single payment is made for multiple acts performed by users (in different combinations):

Types of targeted actions, or what advertisers are willing to pay for:

Purchase of an advertised product ( service ) – such a payment scheme is more inherent in affiliate programs of online stores;

Registration on the target resource – this scheme is used when promoting information resources to increase the number of mailing list subscribers;

Filling out a questionnaire or application – this scheme is used on commercial sites;

User participation in voting – most often used when conducting opinion polls or marketing research to monitor the coverage of the target audience, etc.;

Filling out a feedback form ( callback form ) – this targeted action is used by commercial resources, including some online stores;

Going to a target site or landing page – most often, the transition to the advertiser’s resource is paid for;

Per View – the most striking example is affiliate programs with pay-per-view video advertising;

In more detail, we will consider the “proven options” of the main types of affiliate programs that are most often used ( found on the Internet ).

What to choose?

CPA advertising is beneficial for advertisers because in the end they only pay for the target audience. But for webmasters and site owners, this payment model cannot always provide a decent level of resource monetization. As a result, getting income from CPA depends on many components, and above all on the right affiliate program. This is a very complicated process, so PPC experts advise you to use several options at once.

Pay-per-click affiliates pay advertising platforms a lower percentage. But this is compensated by a completely guaranteed income and less ” strict ” requirements, both to the quality of the supplied traffic and to the resource itself.

As you can see, both models are ideal, so it is most efficient to use several options: for each user, a different ” bait ” is triggered. Have a good hunt!

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