B. Des Degree

Bachelor of Design is a full-fledged 4-year program for the aspirants gearing up confidence to face the fashion industry with pride. Designing is the course which involves the professionals into the world of fame and glamour. Designing is a creative activity which needs time and patience on the part of the ones who pursue it. Design degrees have proved as one of the most demanding and popular programs, which has enlightened the market physically and virtually. Every day a new trend comes into form and thus, the industry seems to be very competitive and enduring. There are a set of skills like the patience, determination, and communication skills that helps its aspirants decide diversity.

B.Des is an undergraduate degree that has gained momentum for its creativity and fame that it spreads across the globe after the creativity clicks the market. There are many specializations in the design degrees and some of them are related to fashion, animation, interior designing, product design, accessories, footwear, and so on. They have accelerated both in the physical and virtual market both nationally and internationally with innumerable colleges setting the benchmark for the courses present. There are many advantages of accomplishing a degree in design and they are as follows:

  1. They develop excellent communication skills
  2. The students inherit creative mechanism of designing
  3. They get exposed to global platforms so as to introduce their talent
  4. It helps the students become industry ready where they can face competitions and challenges without any adventure of problems
  5. Bachelor of Design generates employment for its students in both private and public sectors with sky high packages

Fashion Designer: A designation of fashion designer gets motivated with the functions that he or she gets exposed to. They form expertise in fashion, textiles, bags, accessories and so on with the trend flow that gets fluctuated each day with the rise of creative imminent.

Interior Designer: Combinations and the idea of themes are essential when it comes to acquiring the position or profession of an interior designer. An interior designer is responsible to design the inner part of a house, hospital, design the walls, and so on with their own affined creativity.

Industrial Designer: An industrial designer is responsible for meeting the customer satisfaction through the designing of the structure of an industry by sustaining the costs of the required materials. A Bachelor’s degree in design is a gateway to the most creative designing of an industry combining the color of the walls, the themes used, design and so on.

Graphic Designer: Graphic refers to the visual designing with a keen focus on the message that needs to be posed forward to the audience along with the business promotion on the same hand. A graphic designer is focused on the way how the digital potentiality of a business can be flourished virtually.

Best Place to Pursue B.Des

JK Lakshmipat University initiates in the interaction of the students with the expert team of faculty with a complete focus on the creative approach towards learning with state of the art technology. All the courses are studio based where there is hands-on learning experience. There are regular workshops that allow the students to allow the students accrue to the creative learning experience and critical analysis.

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