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In social media marketing, there is already a lot of data that video posting is more effective than text posting. Anyone involved in social media marketing knows how to create video content that maximizes the marketing effect.

This article will tell you how to make compelling videos in social media marketing. I will introduce how to create content, focusing on four points.

How to create video content

Even if you make a video, sales will not increase unless users view it, and it will be a failure as a marketing activity. All you need is compelling content that attracts users to the end of the video. I will introduce the points necessary for creating such video content in four parts.

1. Use storytelling

First of all, storytelling is a crucial point of making it as a basis before starting video production. Storytelling is a structure common to so-called stories and old tales and develops content in the following flow.

  • The appearance of the main character of the story
  • Difficulties and challenges to visit the hero
  • Dramatic growth and change to overcome it
  • The last is a happy ending

To this end, first of all, who is the main character (customer or employee of the company), What kind of difficulties/issues will be overcome, what kind of happy ending will be reached, and the composition should be considered according to the idea of storytelling. For example, with storytelling, you can easily explain how your product help solve a certain problem by making a video ad. There are many free video ad makers available. You may get inspired by the premade video templates provided.

Also, in the case of video content for social media, there is a high possibility that the user will watch it in the manner mode (no audio) of the smartphone. So it is also an essential point to add subtitle explanations to the entire video.

2. The first 8 seconds are important

The most important thing to pay attention to when creating video content is how to create it for the first 8 seconds. and the important point that the marketing effect changes greatly depending on how you make the start part of this video. In order to convey a concluding message or encourage the user to take the desired action/action, it is vital to first win the user’s heart in the first 8 seconds.

In the first 8 seconds, the user decides whether to keep watching or leave.According to Microsoft research, it takes around 8 seconds to pay attention to users’ content for the first time online. In the United States, it is called “8 Seconds Rule”, and it is important in content marketing to attract the user’s attention in the first 8 seconds. The most important point is how to make the first 8 seconds because the user will leave halfway if they get bored.

Get into the main subject early and convey the benefits of watching this video content. In other words, it is important to get into the main subject of video content as soon as possible and quickly tell the user (viewer) what kind of benefits it will have if you watch it to the end. Some videos created by companies for marketing purposes use more than 8 seconds only for the opening video. It is a way to create content that is likely to leave unless you are a user who is very interested in the company’s brand or service.

Even for users watching the video or channel for the first time, it is a good idea to show a feeling of welcome, such as ” Thank you for watching ! ” By talking to the viewers, the viewers will feel that they are “cherished!” And will feel like watching the video to the end.

3. Add CTAS

The important thing in producing the main part of the video is to give up the content and conclusions and not delay them. Since the purpose of the content is due to lead to the end of the message and the most important action arouses, as well as how or not boring the user until the last devised, be viewed until the end to shorten the video content in one second also how to make, such as It is important.

Also, put the link URL to the website with detailed information in the explanation column of the video, and mention in the video such as ” If you want to know more, access the website. “” If you are interested, you can share with your friends.” It is an indispensable way to make it effectively by sprinkling the elements of Call-to-Action (call to action) in the video production, such as ” follow me.”

It would help if you also had a Call-to-Action (CTA) for engagement. There is a function to evaluate and share the content regardless of whether the video is delivered to Facebook or Youtube. It’s also essential to include a Call-to-Action (CTA) in your video that encourages users to engage, such as rating and sharing. In a word, engagement changes depending on whether or not you include “press the good button” or “please share if you like “, and whether or not the video content spreads also changes.

4. The final part matters

As important as creating video content for the first 8 seconds, make the final stage and the ending part. This is because it is the part that encourages user behavior and conversion, which is an essential purpose. To make it effective, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of video marketing, “What kind of user behavior do you expect after watching?”

The most important thing is how to make it naturally promote the desired behavior/conversion

Finally, the most important part of video marketing is to evoke user behavior and conversions. The final conversion may include accessing the website, subscribing to an e-mail newsletter, or subscribing to a Youtube channel. Still, all of these are difficult to be triggered by actions that are far from the content of the video.

Ideally, you should devise a way to create the final stage of the video content so that the desired action/conversion is naturally promoted and the action is evoked in a way that is convincing to the viewer.

By Andy