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Building a business using Instagram requires an engaged and loyal audience to your brand. However, how do you make sure that followers are engaged with your content and, consecutively, assist you in establishing a business on this platform? The answer to this is, providing Standard Instagram content.

Suppose you think you have no time or resource to capture your images for Instagram, don’t fuss! There are several ways to build engaging content with pleasing aesthetics- though you could be selling unexotic items or promoting a digital object that appears to be impossible to see.

In this article, we shall see how to find pictures for your brand’s profile, where to source them, and what factors to consider while promoting a brand. You will also see a few design ideas to ensure you post those pictures that are awesome.

1. Discover Ready-to-use Templates

Plenty of tools are available on the platform to let you design outstanding visuals without having to be an intelligent photoshop user.

Do you need to advertise an offer? Or maybe you require a template that declares new business updates? Perhaps you could post a recipe published on your website?

No matter what, you could send with templates!

Suppose you have to drive sales, then you could opt for a patterned or straightforward backdrop for a more simple design, or you could also make use of a product photo. If you happen to come across short content for Instagram, stacking up pictures of your brands might help you out. If you have a solid follower base, then a simple, neat product image could do wonders for gaining engagement.

2. Find Great-Quality Stock Photos

Although Stock photos have had a bad reputation during past years, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. Not every stock photo could get featured prominently on your feed-in fact; some could be downright awful!

To post great-quality images that do not look stocky, you can go for sites that offer free photos; no matter what your niche is, you will discover something perfect for you.

Have you allocated some money to spend? Then you could go for some paid service to get more high-quality images, and the choice is more. While purchasing, ensure to buy the correct sizes remembering the suggested dimensions of Instagram posts.

#3. Combine it with Various Formats

It is good to be aware of the range of formats for content that Instagram offers to you. Perhaps, you could use carousel posts to publish ten images in a single go, which creates the feel of an album. Or, an excellent way to show how your products are used with a one-minute video, or make a simple video of a brief seminar or demonstration.

However, pay attention as not to be over-pushy with product posts. To keep everything balanced and motivate engagement from followers, you will have to alter your content idea.

Ultimately, you could make GIFs of your own. Instagram considers it as videos that are a great way to show up from the rest. They are interactive and straightforward. People love it!!

#4. Repost Content from Other Instagram Accounts

Oh, I heard that! Do you have no time to build your Instagram content?

The great news is, you don’t have to!

There could be some accounts on Instagram that are creating great photos or videos that your followers love. Provided that you seek permission and take proper approval, there is no wrong in resharing content from brands indistinguishable to you or from accounts that apply to your followers and your marketing strategy.

#5. Post-User-Generated Content(UGC)

Using user-generated content is a good idea to encourage followers to post content related to your brand or product, and you can repost to your follower’s feeds later. You may use the phrase user-generated content widely for any content posted by users of products and services on that specific product or service, whether or not the brand encourages it.

Anyway, unless you are a well-established company, it’s doubtful that users will post Instagram content of your brand or product unless you offer them a chance to.

To get around, you could hold a contest where followers can participate to win prizes by posting product content and tagging it with the brand’s hashtag to receive automatic Instagram likes, increase engagement rate, build brand awareness, and drive massive sales. Offering a free or a price reduction product must help you achieve great strength to campaign as large followers use your brand’s hashtags.

Spread the word about your contest across other social platforms, and you could also mention it in your newsletters- essentially, put the word around in whatever ways possible to get it started!

Ensure that you don’t pressurize your followers when you ask for the kind of content to post; else, they won’t bother! Instead of using UGC as the primary source of content for feeds, you must use UGC as supplementary. That said, if you depend solely on user-generated content, then your followers may feel victimized, and you would have limited power over the attractiveness feed.

#6. Partner with Influencers

To control overfeeds and maintain consistent on-brand content on Instagram, you could consider partnering with influencers.

When you get united with influencers that have a great fan following, you make way for an opportunity to gain a massive target audience for your profile. Also, you would obtain great content for feeds.

Suppose you are a tiny business with a limited budget, then you might consider partnering with small influencers instead of a big celebrity. Ensure that you get connected with small influencers that fit in your niche; it’s pretty easy to clinch deals with small influencers as they have a fan base of 10K to 50K range, only if they like to post content followers love to see.

You could ping DM on the platform, but most influencers provide contact details for inquiries on collaboration in their profile bios.

Design Ideas for your Instagram Content

1. Decide a clear Central Point

A busy photo might confuse the viewers, and that will have a contrasting effect. Make sure to have a clear central point to help users to stay there and look at images.

2. Obey the Rule of Thumb

The thumb rule is a photography’s classic that a photographer would tell. Visualize a 9 part grid that overlays the image with the intriguing aspects aligned across the intersections to apply the rule. Alter focal point to one-third of the picture for an engaging shot.

3. Include White Space and Frames

Having the white borders around the images could create a unique aesthetic that drives more eyes than an idea with no frame. Frames let the items in your image breathe, which is an important consideration to keep away from an over-cluttered image.

4. Bear In Mind the Contrast

For an outstanding image, you need to have contrasting elements like colors, fonts, shapes, lights, and many more. Getting the proper contrast that fits your photo is totally up to you, and it is a necessary step to engage followers.


I hope this article gives you ideas on how to find content for your Instagram profile.

Get ready to plan and garner your feed!

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