How to Convert JPG to WEBP

Webp is a new and advanced image format released by Google with less size and higher quality after conversion. It implies that with this format, you can save more photos without consuming extra storage space. The best part of webp format is that you do not lose quality in the process of conversion.

Webp is essentially an image format to store both lossy and lossless compression. Due to reduced image size, you can experience a faster website loading speed by maintaining the same quality. Online business owners must improve website speeds and maintain product image quality at all times to remain successful in this competitive world.

But you might be thinking, why at all you need to convert regular files to webp format.

Why Do We Need To Convert Jpg To Webp?

There may be many situations where you might need to convert from jpg to webp.

  • Your website uses lots of images, but it significantly reduces your website’s loading speed, and you are potentially losing essential customers.
  • You are hard-pressed for storage space because thousands of jpg, png, svg, or bmp images may occupy most of your device’s storage space.
  • You don’t intend to waste time and money on software that is not free to use or is not user-friendly and don’t want to spend money on routine work that should always be free.
  • To maintain the image quality during conversion. The conversion should be lossless and not lossy.
  • To convert without an internet connection
  • You want a tool that is equally effective in reverse conversion, for example, webp to jpg, etc.
  • Not interested in uploading confidential pictures on unknown servers
  • When you are in a far-off location without internet connectivity
  • To convert multiple images without limitations on the number of images to be converted
  • To convert with customizable quality options from 0.1 times to 1.0
  • To simultaneously convert jpg to webp and resize from 0.1 times to 5 times

How To Convert Multiple Jpg Images

The process is user-friendly and straightforward. Please visit The webp converter tool on this website lets you convert one or more images. Here are the steps.

  1. Drop images or browse the folder where your jpg images are stored. To select multiple photos, you can use the ctrl key. Click open, and it uploads the chosen images to the online tool on this website.
  2. Scroll down a little, and you can see a thumbnail preview of all images selected. If you do not want to convert any of those images, click cancel.
  3. Please note that you can convert 30 images at a time using the webp converter online tool at the website. You can download offline tool for win/mac for removing this restriction.
  4. By default, it has the webp output format pre-selected. You can also set the size and quality button to customize from 10% to 500% of image size and 10% to 100% of image quality.
  5. Click the ‘Start All’ button to initiate the conversion process. The conversion process completes in a few seconds.
  6. It downloads the Zip file to your device. You can select the zip file and save individual images on your device.

How To Use VertexhsareWebp Converter

You can use Vertexshare webp converter online or offline. The online process to convert from jpg to webp for batch mode is as outlined above. If you don’t want to visit the website every time to convert from jpg to webp, you can download the Windows webp converter tool available for free on this website. Similarly, the webp converter tool for mac is available on the official Apple MacStore for free.

Remember that the offline tool does not need internet connectivity to convert jpg to webp in batch mode or otherwise. Moreover, you can convert any number of files in the batch mode on the Windows or Mac variant webp converter tool.


You may need to convert images from jpg to webp format for many reasons, including storage space, quality, website loading, time, and cost issues. Whatever be the reason, the webp converter tool is free to use both online and offline. You can save plenty of time using the batch mode to convert multiple files within seconds.

Hence, the VertexshareWebp converter tool is the best free option to convert images from jpg to webp format and saves time with the batch mode option.

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