Clean Your Curtains

Are you amped up for the curtains major cleaning? With the passage of time, the curtains and the room drapes are going to collect dust.  If you are not going to remove the dirt of curtains, this will put a really bad impression to visitors. So it is important to make the room look clean and drapes dust free.  Curtains are almost present in all our houses and have played the role in adding the light touch.  They have the competence of adding the décor and make the room look stunning and gorgeous. Caring for the curtains can be a mystery for most of the people.

There are many questions that arise in the mind of the users that how to make the curtains tidy and what are the tips that are best? How often to perform the cleansing of the curtain?  How t protect the delicate sheer from damage? Can we put them in the washing machine? We have discussed all these fear and the cleaning in detail. Read and get the answer to your queries.

Here we have listed the items that are required for the cleaning purpose of the curtains.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Laundry detergent
  • Washing machine
  • Upholstery attachment
  • Dryer for dry clean curtains

Following are the ways to clean all types of curtains that are hung in the homes for the better look and precise functionality.

Care the curtains weekly

For cleaning the curtains on a weekly basis, you need to use the upholstery brush.  Attach it on the vacuum machine to clean the curtains that are heavier. You are able to do it without pulling them down.  For the curtains that are light weighted and are made up of delicate material, avoid using on them. This may damage them.

When you are cleaning the room curtains on a weekly basis, make sure you pay attention to the stains and the areas that need attention in depth.  Dust them with the vacuum cleaner. This will remove all the dirt particles off the curtains and make it look clean and tidy.

Wash curtains in the washing machine

Remove all the hardware of the curtains when you decide to wash them.  When you are washing the fabric, check the care label first.  But if you fail to find care label and is in doubt whether it is suitable to wash the curtain or not then try spot testing.  Mix the laundry detergent in water and take a small corner to test.

There are many curtains that are washable are suggested to wash in cold water with a little amount of detergent.  The curtains of delicate sheer and lace are preferred to wash with hands or in a mesh bag inside the machine.

Dry clean room curtains

There are many curtains that have the label that only dries clean.  If you wash them they may be damaged.  Hey may bleed and fade with the laundry detergents or if they are not dry cleaned properly.   But if you make a decision to take a risk and wash the dry clean curtain fabric to wash with hand or machine, then use a little amount of the detergent or soap.   When you put them in the machine make sure you do not put anything else in the same cycle in the machine. This procedure will may not colorfast.

After washing them, hang them to dry. For making it dry, do not hang in the direct sunlight. This may damage the color and the feel of the curtains. After making it dry resort to a light ironing, if you feel it is necessary.  If you press, put the curtains in between the white towel and then iron the curtain. When you are not sure, and then follow the instruction mention on the curtain label.

Steam cleaning of curtains

Keep one thing in mind that only machine-washable fabric has the capability to hold up the steam treatment.  Washable stuff will give better results if you put them in the washing machine instead of steaming them.  But if you want to try the results of the steam cleaning, be sure that the curtains are washable. This may not harm the fabric of the drapes and will help you to know the outcome.

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