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How to choose Gold wedding rings?

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You are about to get married but you have no idea of the covenants of your dreams? Since these rings will represent the love you have and your union, it is important to choose them well.

Choose according to your profession and use

It is important to know that your wedding rings are above all jewelry, which you will have to take care of. There are different alloys for rings, especially gold and platinum. Gold is a noble alloy, but soft in its composition. It reacts to the acidity of the skin and the use that is made of it. These rings more easily take the shape of the finger over time.

Platinum is also a noble alloy, but naturally white and robust while gold is naturally yellow. Platinum wedding rings do not warp or lose their color. Thus, if you are manual, sports or work in the medical and catering, it is strongly recommended to use platinum.

Which color to choose for gold?

There are 3 colors for gold: yellow, white and pink. It is only a question of preference. For example, if you are wearing only white buy jewelry online; go for white gold, so that the rendering is more harmonious. White gold marries with all skins, while yellow gold is better with matte skin and pink gold with lighter skin. Yellow gold being more traditional, more timeless white gold and more modern pink gold.

What type of crimp and diamonds to favor?

There are different diamonds and crimps for an alliance, which will totally change the aesthetic rendering of the jewel. Round diamonds are the most classic and those that shine the most. Square diamonds or princesses bring a more “diamond river” rendering. Finally, baguette diamonds are the most worked, distinguished and noble stones. Having baguette diamonds is a sign of elegance.

It is not enough simply to choose the shape of the diamond but also the setting of the stone. The safest crimp is rail. Indeed, the diamond will be protected and surrounded. The grain crimp is also robust because the diamond inserted into the ring body. It shines even more, unlike rail crimping.

Finally, the crimp claw is the one that shines the most but also the most fragile. Indeed the diamond is only maintained by claws, which makes it more fragile. For rings with a crimp claw, it is better to opt for platinum.

Opting for duos rings

Some people opt for duos ring, which allows being in agreement with his or her future spouse. However, it is often difficult to find happiness. In fact, either the ring is too fine for the gentleman, or too wide for the lady.

Since an alliance must resemble us and be in agreement with our personality, it is better to choose a ring that pleases everyone, even if it means being mismatched. You can still favor a color duo: pink gold, white gold or yellow gold.


Gather engagement ring and alliance

Many women today want to associate their solitary diamond with their wedding rings.

This is obviously possible but provided that both rings have the same crimping for a more aesthetic rendering. Also note that the engagement ring is removed when you have a child, so as not to hurt with the central stone and avoid damaging the ring by hanging.

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