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Who doesn’t have a smartphone with them these days, it’s become an essential tool of communication and innovation in lifestyle, work and networking. It’s a given that the digital age has dawned upon the generations of people across the globe, so it’s an ever accessible route for business and companies to further grow their business. Most of which promote their services and work through applications, apps are the lifeline of smartphones these days, even without default ones the functionality of mobile phones are limited.

Mobile apps really do test the boundaries on what a smartphone can and cannot do, this may mean involvement of high profile technologies such as face recognition softwares, fingerprint locks, voice commands and so on. These features are usually in-built in most smartphones but including them in apps and mobile games might be the next big step for best ecommerce seo company.

The field for ecommerce marketers has grown wider by the day now, as an ecommerce company creating a website that eludes customer friendly interface is important and creates long lasting credibility of customer service is well-handled, visit this link to get more info on best ecommerce seo company to understand the best solutions of a successful ecommerce marketing strategy.

To make an ecommerce mobile app in flying colours, follow five simple steps,

Step 1 : Go for Simplicity & Thumb-Friendly Inputs

As a mobile application is first launched, the user experience or the overall feel around using the app is the first chance of setting an impression on the user. The basic steps followed by users after the initial launch of the app are,

  • Open the app
  • Start exploring the features
  • Navigate and find optimal shopping route
  • Check out the in-build search engine or filter system offered

Now, when we talk about visual experience the first thing that comes to mind is the overall look or composition of the app (it’s homepage, settings bar etc.) for many mobile app developers know that the screen size of a smartphone limits the amount of features to be placed in the most minimalistic yet captivating way. Thus, Visit this link for the different screen sizes opt for seo for fashion ecommerce mobile app.

So, for navigating the Home Screen icons or features that are easy on the eyes and to operate is a must. Aim for neatness with a touch of symmetry, nothing pleases the human eye than it and the exception of well-coordination of colours. There should be simple yet prominent features present in the home page such as a well-located search bar, a menu bar, about the company, reviews and testimonials and so on.

Since this is an e-commerce app, the focus is on the products displayed and this needs some creative execution, here are a few tips on thumb-friendly zones,

  • It means the space present on the mobile screen where a thumb can easily touch and navigate over the pages with one hand.
  • This depends on the phone screen size as well, so it’s important to know which icons or buttons should be located near the reach of the user’s thumb : cart button, checkout button, button for proceeding to the payment page.
  • An alternative would be to make use of the touch screen feature in-build in smartphones..
  • Organise products in different subsections to promote systemic content and add the “tag” filters to make any follow up to special events or promotions.

Step 2 : Easy Navigation & Features

It’s only beneficial for customers to find the quickest route to find the product they want or need and web developers need to fulfil that demand in e-commerce applications. Apps should also follow a chain of uniformity in order to help users identify the buttons and features displayed. These can be,

  • Visually
  • Functional requirements
  • Externally

These three factors play on creating easily recognised symbols, signs, figures, colour meanings. Thus, making expectations happen, removing puzzling situations, focus on content displayed and instigate a positive outcome from the users. Ensure the menu is located easily and make a list of only the options available in demand. Though the use of font should be made clear from the start. Since the main aim of e-commerce companies is to sell their products online at a quick pace it’s important to hint to the users on that fact, the “add to cart” feature plays an important role in fulfilling that aim.

  • Make the button look catchy and captivating
  • Use the correct colour
  • Use the appropriate icon size and colour

The seo for fashion ecommerce should include a variety of filters and tags, since these companies deal with accuracy and precision on body measurements and size. There are usually a majority of users who shop for clothes online, thus, it’s important to have a stable seo for fashion ecommerce.

Step 3 : Do Not Over Complicate User Log in & Checkouts

Complicated user log in can repel potential users, being the initial step to making an online purchase make sure the new user registration or user sign in settings are not too complex. Make the steps easy, simple and quick to follow, add on the “remember me” or “keep me logged in” checkbox.

As for checkouts, it’s important that the navigation route is easy and guided for new users. The button that takes the user to the final checkout line should be easy to locate and the colour should be recognised.

Step 4 : Easily Visible Icons & Quick Loads

Sometimes we see icons with too many details, this can be easily distracting for users losing their way to finding the product that they want. The same goes for icons which are not easily seen or identified, use common symbols used in websites to avoid this distraction.

Enable a quick pace on the app load time, it’s important to note that time is valuable for users and sellers both. A faster loading time prevents customers from not using the app the next time.

Step 5 : Safety in Online Transactions & Customer Services

Make a safe and trusted system of online transactions for customers to make their payments, create encrypted transactions with security services instilled on the app.

Customer service is another important part of launching a successful ecommerce mobile app, being active on responses and providing the best available solution to demands or complaints promotes customer loyalty, trust and reference.

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