How To Alleviate Back Pain With Stem Cell Therapy?

Studies show that most of us encounter back pain at some point in our lives. Back pain has a broad range of causes; it can originate from a rigid spine injury, sports injury, accidents, or even bad posture.

More often than not, the constant wear and tear of the spine induce back pain. Apart from that, an impairment that has intensified over the years can also lead to excruciating pain in the back. Nowadays, back pain is more common among the younger generation, owing to the desk-bound jobs or inactive lifestyles.

Lifestyle changes at a young age involve more physical activity and healthy diet choices. These small modifications can make a huge difference, and benefit individuals lead a better and healthier life. However, if you are already undergoing back pain and have tried all conventional methods of treatment, there is a better option to alleviate your chronic back pain.

Stem cell medicines for back pain are increasingly becoming attractive as a treatment alternative to reduce back pain when surgery is not necessary. Stem cell injections are useful in treating back pain more immediately and organically, by promoting the body’s general repair mechanism.

Stem Cell Therapy for Pain offers minimally invasive treatment using stem cell injections for back pain. It comprises amniotic or adult stem cells and growth factors that treat a broad range of spine conditions generally treated with epidural steroid injections.

It is especially useful for people who want to withdraw steroids or people who can’t use steroids. You can opt Texas stem cell treatment center for better information.

If you’re experiencing persistent back pain and need a non-surgical solution to support ease the pain, stem cell for back pain is the support you want. Learn more about the procedure, to estimate out if it fits for you.

We are a foremost stem cell therapy provider and coordinate educational experiences and seminars on stem cell therapy. Trust us to grant you a whole spectrum of treatments for spine-related conditions, including situations where patients presumed that surgery was the only option.

An Ideal Option: Stem Cell Therapy For Back Pain

If you are encountering from back pain or a degenerative spine condition, you might be a great candidate for regenerative stem cell procedures. Many expert teams will diagnose your situation to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the treatment. To learn further about stem cell therapy for back pain, get in touch with us today!

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Your own cells may be the solution to eliminating chronic neck or back pain and repairing damaged discs in the spine.

Spine and pain administration veteran Jason Arora says that using a patient’s blood plasma, which is rich in antibodies, enzymes, and proteins, or stem cells, harvested from a patient’s bone marrow are determining effective therapies for discharging discogenic pain caused by deteriorating or injured spinal discs and restoring disc function.

“These biological, restorative procedures may be the ‘Holy Grail’ for which we have continued seeking to bring relief to our patients who fail conventional treatments like exercise, physical therapy, and medications, but who are incapable, or do not want, to undergo surgery,” he states.

Many researchers concur. A scientific examination review published in March 2018 in the Journal of Spine Surgery indicates clinical evidence of the safety, effectiveness, and probability of PRP therapy for discogenic back and neck pain. Authors of the review call PRP a “new and exciting” prospect for treating degenerative disc disease and other musculoskeletal disorders.

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