How Stress Can Affect Your Mouth

How Stress Can Affect Your Mouth

Stress is the inevitable by-product of today’s complex world that apparently is on the zenith of technological advancements and extravagant lifestyles but hardly offers the most basic criterium to lead a healthy and happy life – peace of mind.

With the consistent rat race and unexpected things happening all around us, stress is the most common mayhem of our daily lives.

While a certain level of stress can have a positive impact on us by helping us to stay alert and revitalized, it can also become a source of negative effect when you experience constant challenges and remain anxious without any relief or rest.

This goes without saying that the long-term stress can have grave impacts on your health. This does not affect just your physical and emotional health but even your oral health is not spared from getting affected by this evil condition.

Here are some of the ways in which the stress can affect your mouth and your oral health to a great extent.

  • Teeth Grinding and Clenching – We are often not aware of clenching the teeth during the day or grinding the teeth at night and this condition is also known as bruxism. The major symptoms of these include waking up with sore jaw, excessive sensitivity as well as flattened tips of the teeth. Your dentist can recommend a mouthguard, but it is vital to know the source as well as the real reason for this condition.
  • TMJ Disorder – The temporomandibular joints are also known as TMJ. These are the joints that are required for moving the lower jaw. Just below the ears these are located. The TMJ disorder can also be caused by the stiffness or swelling of the joints. The symptoms include the clicking and popping as well as pain. Stress happens to be one of the major causes of TMJ issues. Stress can also cause you to clench the jaw and grind the teeth. You can be suggested with meditation, soft diet or anti-anxiety medication to correct this.
  • Canker Sores – The specific cause of the canker cores is not yet detected but it is linked to how you process the anxiety and stress. These are found to be more common in women and they surface most often during the times of high stress. Though there are no specific cause, some of the most possible causes of canker sources include brushing too hard, minor mouth injuries, accidental cheek bites, sports accidents, toothpastes or mouthwashes containing sodium lauryl sulphate, vitamin, allergic responses to certain mouth bacteria, iron, folate, zinc deficiencies, emotional stress and hormonal shifts.
  • Gum Disease – Stress makes it more challenging for the body to fight off the infections. Gum disease is nothing but an infection of the gums. This can give rise to bleeding gums, teeth loss and bad breath. If stress causes you to clench the jaw, grind the teeth or smoke the cigarettes, then it can also contribute top gum disease. If you suffer from severe gum disease, then consult your periodontist immediately. Remember that stress reduction can be a part of your treatment, in all the above cases.
  • Burning Mouth – A hot, dry and burning feeling in the mouth happens to be burning mouth syndrome. There are many things that cause this problem which includes antidepressants and stress counselling medications. The stress-related drinking and smoking can also make burning mouth worse.

How to Protect the Oral Health from Stress?

If you are feeling stressed, you should not forget about your oral health.  Try to adhere o your oral hygiene regime and don’t forget to visit the office of a reputed dentist nearby once every six months in order to judge whether your oral health is in great condition or not.

When you are stressed try to refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol for reducing the stress. These are damaging habits that can prove to be detrimental for your mouth. Instead try to reduce the stress by embracing proper measures like exercising, eating well and getting plenty of sleep.

Apart from that, feel free to seek professional help when the need arises especially if you are suffering from depression and anxiety. Take care of your mental health to retain a beautiful and healthy smile year after year.

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