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Keeping a fish requires as much attention and protection as needed for keeping other pets. Rather having an aquarium in your house adds an extra responsibility to you for its maintenance and cleanliness. Many aquarists think that keeping an aquarium does not require any maintenance, on the contrary, to keep your fish healthy and happy, you must take keen care of their habitat. Make cleaning the aquarium a routine thing, just as you buy fish food from Dubai pet food. How often does one needs to clean the aquarium is a frequently asked question, to answer which we are here to help you. Here is a complete guide for you to know when and how you should clean the aquarium to maintain a healthy environment for your fishes:

Keeping a Daily Check:

It might sound like a daunting task, but it is the most convenient thing for the maintenance of your aquarium. While you go for feeding your fish, you can check the aquarium to see if your fishes are behaving normally or if something is dead in the aquarium like a small insect or so, remove it immediately because they can be toxic and will harm your fishes and can cause bacteria. If you find your fish sluggish, you must change half of the tank water no matter when you last cleaned it, because you are not monitoring the tank every second and cannot know exactly if any foreign impurity has invaded the tank.

Weekly Cleaning:

Cleaning your tank partially every week is vital to your fish’s health because if you won’t clean it weekly, it will become very difficult at the end of the month to clean it in one go. Depending upon the size of your tank, you can replace half of the water or even all of it if the aquarium is small. Moreover, you can use aquarium vacuums to clean it from leftover food or excretions. Moreover, check if the gravels, aquarium plants or any other decorative things need to be cleaned or not. A weak and partial cleanup helps you keep the environment for fish healthy and clean.

Monthly Cleanup:

Deep monthly cleanups are vital for keeping your aquarium a healthy habitat for your fishes. The water needs to be checked for the levels of ammonia, nitrate, nitrites and pH level. Keeping a monthly track of these things helps you maintain a hygienic environment. If you feel any change in fish’s behavior or change in color of the water. You should check the water for these specifications even twice in a month. Monthly cleaning also includes scrubbing the fungi from glass, vacuuming the ornaments and rubbing the moss rot from gravels. Moreover, clean the filters to prevent bacteria from growing and making the water toxic.

How to Clean Your Aquarium?

Cleaning your aquarium, the way we have suggested is not a struggle at all. If you will delay it for a month, then the water will get polluted from internal and external impurities, thus, putting your fish’s life in danger. Make sure not to use any acidic fluid to remove the fungi or to clean the glass of the tank, it can make the water toxic gradually. Use clean tools like sponges or scrubbers for cleaning to prevent external impurities from entering the tank. Do not forget to clean the filters and aquarium pumps because they are more prone to the growth of harmful bacteria. Gravels are a significant part of your aquarium. They do not only make your tank look good, but they also facilitate the growth of healthy bacteria that can absorb the wastes and keeps the water clean. Use a gravel vacuum for deep and effective cleaning.

To sum it up, this gradual technique that we have suggested for cleaning of your aquarium is convenient for you and the inhabitants of the aquarium, because a sudden change in everything might be a shock for your fish and can make it anxious. Just as you prefer to have a clean home, your fish deserves it too. Seeing the colorful lovely creatures happily swirling in clean water reduces your stress level. It makes you feel happy and satisfied. The bright colored and patterned fishes are undoubtedly delightful for sight. A clean aquarium is a perfectly happy and healthy home for your fish.


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