Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is a crucial part of every wedding nowadays. People may cut out other costs but they want the best of wedding photography. Because that’s something you can hold onto even after the wedding is over. So, if you are planning a wedding then you must know how much does a wedding photographer cost.

Let’s get to know about that a little.

Cost of wedding photography

You have to get something clear that wedding photography doesn’t have any fixed cost. It varies depending on your locale, needs, quality of work, days and so forth. Typically, any wedding photographer you prefer will ask somewhere around $300 to $5000.

Usually, the newer companies will go for a lower price as they have yet to prove their worth. And the more popular one’s with top gears and quality will ask for a higher price. Various things come under the costing of wedding photography. Prices is done based on those factors. Let’s check them out first.

  • Duration: The most basic thing photographers consider while pricing their service is time. They place their value based on how many hours they have to spend on your wedding. This is the case for solo photographers most of the time. Even in the companies they consider duration for pricing their services.
  • Services: This mainly refers to how many services you are taking. You can go for a single photographer or two or three. Along with that you can go for one or two cinematographers as well. Prices will have a lot of impact based on these different services. You pretty much pay for services you want in your package.
  • Editing: No matter which photographer you opt for you have to pay for the editing part. It’s included in any wedding photography package. Because the images are worth nothing without some editing on them. Image retouching is a huge part of that. Now, this can come from two different sources. Either the photography company edits their photos and charge for their time. Or they can opt for third party services and include that cost in the package. In any case this is a justified cost.
  • Delivery: Here, photographers add all the costs related to delivering your images. Depending on the photographers you choose you can get photo albums, printouts or soft copies of your images. In that case they will include the price of the photo album, printing cost and storage drive cost in their packages.

These are costs almost all the photography companies consider while coming up with packages. And to be honest there is not much scope for complaining. Sometimes the travel costs may also be included in the packages if the work is distant.


Coming up with an exact amount of wedding photography is tough because of the location and quality diversity. But usually the range is from $200 to $5000. Now this difference comes from their difference in quality. This means the gears they use are of high value also their skills and creativity. That includes their editing quality as well. So, when you are choosing your wedding photographer go through their quality and check out the above-mentioned factors. They will help you make a decision.

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