How is a Tooth Whitening Procedures Done? Where to go in Denver?

Tooth Whitening in Denver

The process of a professional tooth and enamel whitening begins with a visit to your Denver dentist for a consultation. Not every person is an ideal candidate to have their teeth professionally whitened. For this reason, it is imperative to discuss with your dentist before having the procedure done. For example, if there are large crowns or fillings on your front teeth, that would make teeth whitening a bad idea. The chemicals used would whiten the natural teeth, but the dental restorations, which are usually made from composite material, porcelain, and ceramic, would not be affected by the chemical.This would result in teeth that are of different colors.

The procedure of teeth whitening is at its most effective when attempted on yellowed discoloration. It is not as effective on gray or brown discolored teeth, mainly when that discoloration is a result of tetracycline antibiotic exposure during the time teeth are being developed.

Once you have completed your consultation and are given an all-clear by the dentist, the next step is the appointment for the tooth whitening process. As soon as you sit comfortably in the chair, a lip retractor will be put inside your mouth by the dentist. The retractor is made of plastic and acts as a guide to ensure your lips are far away from the whitening process. The teeth can now be easily accessed.

In the next step,the dentist uses a gel to cover the gums near the front teeth. That gel is then hardened using a high energy light. This is known as a gingival barrier. Its purpose is to protect the gums from the tooth whitening chemicals that are used during the process. Sometimes, the dentist applies a compound to the teeth to help stop the teeth from becoming sensitive.

During the teeth whitening process, the dentist uses a gel containing about 15% to 35% hydrogen peroxide on the front teeth. This compound can enter into the porous outermost layer of the teeth to break stain compounds apart with a chemical reaction referred to as oxidation. The whitening gel may sometimes be applied alongside high energy light, although this depends on the process being used. The light is used to quicken up the teeth whitening procedure.

The majority of teeth whitening processes include numerous gel applications through the duration of the whitening session. A new coat is reapplied after the previously-used gelhas been rinsed off by the dentist. This process will be repeated as many times as needed, over a period of 40 minutes. As soon as the teeth whitening procedure is done, the teeth could have anything from 4 to 6 levels of whitening only after a single session. Certain patients tend to report experiencing either gum or tooth sensitivity after the tooth whitening process.However, this typically disappears after a couple of days.

The effects derived from teeth whitening tend to last anywhere from a couple of months to a year. This depends on diet and many other lifestyle habits. Things like smoking and excessive coffee consumption can cause stains to return. Certain dentists recommend using a home teeth whitening kit to help maintain the newly whitened smile. These home kits consist of trays that have been custom designed to fit the individual’s teeth and whitening gel tubes that have a reduced whitening compound composition compared to what you get at a dentist’s office.  The tray is lined with gel by the patient and is then worn for a couple of hours per session, either during the day or at night while sleeping.

Where to Get a Teeth Whitening Procedure Done in Denver

A tooth whitening procedure is one of those things where quality is directly reflected in how much you pay. Home kits purchased from drugstores, while cheaper and more convenient, are less effective and slower than dentist-performed teeth whitening. You also lack the opportunity to achieve the very best results. To achieve white teeth, it would be best to head to a dentist and have a professional tooth whitening procedure done for you. The question remains:How do I find and get this professional procedure done in Denver? The first place to look would be to search the internet for dentists in Denver that offer this particular service. A search will bring up quite a long list of dentists. It would then be up to you to select the dentist you prefer based on location, price, and reviews received from either the sites themselves or word of mouth.