How does Chicken Help in Weight Loss?

Chicken Help in Weight Loss

People sometimes eat skinless chicken breasts in the hopes of losing weight as they are relatively high in protein and low in fat. However, simply adding them to what you already eat will not result in weight loss. To see a gradual drop in weight, one must eat chicken breasts instead of another higher-calorie food and reduce the overall caloric intake.

The main reason chicken breast is recommended sometimes for weight loss purposes is due to its protein content. Each 85gram serving of white chicken meat provides 25 grams of protein, and it may help people increase their satiety levels, so they do not eat as much later in the day. Hence, it helps them to manage their body weight better.

Cutting Calories

You will need to cut 500 calories out of your diet each day to lose a pound in a week. 85 grams serving of roasted chicken breast has around 170 calories. This quantity is much less than that found in beef.

You will save 110 calories by choosing chicken breast instead of taking meat. Evidently, merely replacing meat with chicken breast isn’t likely to be enough to lose weight quickly. You will also have to make other dietary changes.

Advantages Of Including Chicken In Your Diet

Protein Supply

Chicken has a very high protein content, and it plays a very important role in sustaining our muscles. Eating chicken is compulsory for those who want to build strength.


One main reason chicken is always included in a healthy diet is because it is lean meat. In other words, it does not have much fat. Therefore, eating chicken regularly can significantly help you lose weight in a healthy way.

Healthy Bones

Chicken is also full of calcium and phosphorous apart from protein. Both these minerals help in keeping your bones healthy. Also, eating chicken regularly cuts the risk of arthritis.

Stress Reliever

Tryptophan and vitamin B5 help in relieving stress and chicken has both of these in good doses. It is also full of magnesium, which helps in relieving PMS symptoms. On the whole, eating chicken can actually help you lead a life without stress.

Boosts Immunity

Chicken soup is recommended when a person is down with flu or cold because it helps strengthen immune cells in the body and the steam from the soup clears the nasal passages. The best way to recover from most infections and colds is by eating chicken in the form of soup. But of course, eating hybrid chicken or deep-fried items will not do as much good as other forms might. Look which is the best chicken to buy and go accordingly.

Increasing Potential Weight Loss Benefits

When people try to lose weight, it actually means that they want to lose fat and not muscle. It is important to exercise because if you do not, in addition to cutting calories, some part of the weight that you lose will come from the muscle instead of fat.

In order to avoid this, you will need to do a mix of strength and cardio training exercises. Further, doing strength-training exercises at least twice a week and spending at least 2 and a half hours doing moderate-intensity cardio each week will help a lot in losing fat from the body.

There are other alternatives to chicken as well. Some of the sources that are rich in protein are country chicken eggs, seafood, beans, nuts, and so on.