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The world is but a global village. This holds truer for this era than it was ever before. Thanks to the blessing (and sometimes a nuisance) of the Internet, it is possible for us to connect to anyone around the globe. Like literally ANYONE. Would you have ever, in the wildest of your dreams, thought of exchanging messages with Beyoncé? Well, thanks to the blessing that Twitter is, having a word with your celebrity crushes is not a big deal anymore. Having access to the Internet is the only pre-requisite for such interactions. Which, btw, is not a big deal. We now have access to the blazing fast Internet that is available to us even on our mobiles. In case, we have speed related issues, facilities like the 100 Mbps internet for gaming are there for verification needs. Ah, the world is such a peaceful yet chaotic place right now.

And to prove my claim, I’ll throw some light on how social media and the Internet have made the world a bigger yet an approachable place.

Job Creator

No matter where you are, you can work for an employer or a company that’s situated thousands of miles away from you. The Internet has made it possible for people to work from the comfort of their homes. Whether you are working for a company that is located within your town, or a company far far away, you do not ALWAYS have to be present on the premises physically. Online submissions of projects and other work pretty much do the job. The employer assigns you to work online and you submit the completed draft online as well. This not only saves money for the employer who would have otherwise had to pay for your accommodation and travel fare, but it also gives you a chance to pursue multiple projects at once.

The ‘E’ Words

E-business and e-learning are a thing. If you think that you cannot afford to travel to another country due to any reason, you can opt for online courses that are just as good. Also, if you think that you do not have the finances to start a business with a physical outlet, to begin with, you can always opt for e-business. Online businesses have flourished after starting from scratch. So, do not underestimate the power of carrying out your operations online only.

Online Shopping

Gone are the days when you had to travel to another country to buy things. In fact, you can even save yourself the hassle to travel to the nearby shopping mall. Online shopping sorts everything out for you. You visit the brand’s website, select whatever you please, pay and wait for the order to reach your doorstep. Isn’t that amazing. One does not even need to leave his house. Couldn’t have asked for a more convenient life, could we?

Reconnect with Your Childhood Buddies

The social media has given us good things and bad things. But in my opinion, the good outweighs the bad. Among the many positive things that social media should be praised for, connecting long lost friends with each other should be and IS one. I mean, who would have thought that our parents will actually meet their school or college buddies through a platform like social media. In fact, many of us came across childhood friends on Facebook or Instagram. Oh, what nostalgic feels it brought to catch up with them and reminisce about the good old day. The feeling of joy that it brought or still brings is irreplaceable.


If there is anything that we should be thanking the Internet and social media for is the transparency that they have created. Whether it be a celebrity gossip or an illegal action taken by a certain government, people are now more obligated than ever to answer for their actions. Which is a good thing because now people think twice before committing a crime because they know that any indecent act conducted by them can easily go viral. Although there still are people who do not bother about it. And continue committing crimes ad indulging in illegal acts.

But one has to give the credit where it’s due. And the truth is that social media and the Internet has opened a lot of avenues for us. For instance, you do not even need to rely on services like Cox Customer service number that often nowadays. Because everything is available online on the website of the companies.  This is the power of the Internet.

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