I remember Rita Rossweisse; she was the greatest girl and not afraid to stand out. Honkai Impact 3 features some of the most attractive female video game characters of any current gaming platform. Also, Rita, the stoic maid in the midst of war. Took the globe and Southeast Asia servers by storm in 2018. In addition to her enormous… weapon, Rita’s charming attitude and voice acting (by Yabusaki Aoi, who you may recognise as Tsuyu in MHA, Yuuki Konno in SAO, and Tamaki Kotatsu in Fire Force) made her a welcome addition to the ensemble. You guessed it; she uses a scythe. A housekeeper who uses a scythe? In a word, yes. Put your hands together now.

In this piece, we’ll examine and compare all of her current battlesuit options. To determine if they are now worth putting in the time and effort to obtain in Honkai Impact 3, we will evaluate their usefulness in the game’s present form.


PUBG General


Honkai Impact 3: Rita in General

It goes without saying that Rita is a gift that keeps on giving and an S-tier waifu to a guy of culture. Putting aside Rita’s charisma and beauty for a moment, her arsenal of battlesuits is the best option for the team. Even in the Abyss and other stages that call for AoE damage, her default attire, Umbral Rose, delivers a significant punch.

Although she only possesses four battlesuits at the moment, she can always find a purpose for them. Okay, two out of three isn’t bad. Her battlesuits may not be the most powerful, but they boast the most impressive attack animations in the whole Honkai Impact 3 game.


This is by far the most well-liked of her ensembles and serves as her go-to. The PSY-Type battlesuit Umbral Rose does high damage per second and has a high lifesteal percentage. It’s not simply because she’s cute in this outfit that players buy it (sorry, fans of Fallen Rosemary). However, she also excels in clearing waves. Because to its high damage-to-speed ratio and significant lifesteal, it is also one of the most popular battlesuits inside the Dirac Sea and Abyss.

When compared to other AoE clearing battlesuits like Lightning Empress Mei and Herrscher of Reason Bronya, Umbral Rose seems vastly underestimated while being an excellent A-class suit.


RIta Phantom Iron



Rita’s second battlesuit is called Phantom Iron, and it’s built on the power of lightning. It’s an area-of-effect DPS suit that deals standard damage during normal attacks and lightning damage during charges. The ultimate ability of this MECHA combat outfit is the ability to call forth a MECHA doggo. While its damage output isn’t great, it’s perfect for taking out large groups of enemies, such as zombies. After the introduction of Shadow Knight Fu Hua and Vermilion Knight Himeko, however, its dependability declined following a reduction in its damage %. If you don’t have any other lightning MECHA combat suits, this is a solid option, but if you have an S-class MECHA suit, you’ll have more flexibility.

The cyberpunk aesthetic of this ensemble is hard to resist. She’s a charming robo-wifu, what with the gas mask, the summonable monster, and the cybernetic gear.


The players call this type of fighting outfit a “Snow Rider 3D” since it is clearly influenced by the popular anime series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. What, then, is this outfit hiding, you inquire? The ice components are used in this BIO type. It offers a great burst of damage and is a blessing while facing honkai creatures. Then, of course, she can call upon Artemis, her ally and supporter.

Since Mihoyo has drawn Argent Knight Rita in several JoJo stances, it’s clear that she was inspired by JoJo’s Stand Power, and it’s not because she’s a chuunibyou (excuse our weeaboo lingo). Is it a decent combat suit? Yes. I already own many other BIO suits, so I’m wondering if it makes sense to get this one as well. It’s the ultimate if all you care about are the positions.


RIta Fallen Rosemary



This is one of four similar Quantum-type Rita battlesuits, and it also happens to be the public favourite. Visually, the most striking aspect of Fallen Rosemary Rita is really gorgeous. She flaunts long, wavy hair, complemented with a 20th-century dress that works so perfectly with a scythe.

On gameplay terms, it’s like Phantom Iron with drugs. One, because you can conjure spirits that deal lightning damage, and two, the suit is an ideal support type that helps other Valkyries clear enemies faster.


Honkai Impact 3: Which is the Best?

Comparing them to see which is best is like apples and oranges. They’re all good in their fields. Of course, you can get Umbral Rose and Phantom Iron for free. Still, if you have Argent Knight and Fallen Rosemary in your roster, we highly recommend putting your time and investment to BEST MAIDO WAIFU.

By tqamo