Breasts Naturally

With the advent of innovative equipment and sophisticated instruments, we now have the ability to decide between multiple procedures to alter various issues in our bodies, including that of sagging breasts. There are numerous procedures and drugs available nowadays such as breast lift, breast transplants, breast enlargement cream etc. which a person can opt to get those perky firm breasts back.

However, there are few of us who would rather prefer the traditional home remedies or DIYs for treating and firming up of sagging breasts. There can be any number of reasons for this- preferring the old fashioned way, being afraid of surgery, not wanting scars that one gets from surgery, not being able to afford such expensive procedures for firming up sagging breasts and so on and so forth.

Whatever may be the reason behind being apprehensive of artificial methods; you can still firm up your sagging breasts to a certain extent as well as prevent them from sagging with the help of following home remedies.

1. Ice

The first method for firming breasts is massaging them with ice (cubes preferably) this can help you in firming your sagging breasts. How does this happen? Well, due to the low temperature of the ice the tissues in the breasts contract and it also results in the cellular activity slowing down.

Ice massage is not only a very effective home remedy to get firmed up and perky breasts but it is also fairly trouble free. The method is simple; breasts are to be massaged in a circular motion by ice for around a minute or two. The procedure is to be followed by patting dry the breasts with the help of a soft towel. It is recommended to wear a bra which is comfortable and supportive.

One of the key actions which are very important is, to lie down for around half an hour after the massage has been performed this is to really soak in the effect of that ice massage. A precaution is not to massage for longer than two minutes as it results in numbness in the breasts but it can certainly be performed daily and even two times a day if willing. This home remedy will definitely help one in attaining those high breasts.

2. Egg Yolk and Cucumber Mask

The second method entails making a mask of Egg yolk and cucumber, this is another very effective home remedy. Cucumber is packed with beneficial nutrients in addition to its soothing, skin rejuvenating and hydrating properties cucumber also works as a toner, which helps in firming up sagging breasts. Skin nourishing properties found in egg yolks which are a product of the presence of vitamins and proteins; it certainly works miracles in lifting and firming breasts.

For making this mask, firstly grind the cucumbers until the cucumber has turned completely into a puree. Follow it by adding egg yolk and a small amount of butter, after the products are added whisk well to make a paste. Apply the mixture on breasts and leave it on for half an hour. Afterward, use cold water to dampen the breasts and then massage gently in upward motions after this wash it off with cold water.

It is preferable to use this home remedy daily before taking a shower to firm up the sagging breasts.

3. Essential Oils

The third items on the list are Essential oils. These oils which are the entire rave these days are another effective home remedy that can help in firming up sagging breasts. Oils including lemongrass oil, spearmint oil, cypress oil, fennel oil, basil oil, and anise oil are a part of the extensive list.

Mix these essential oils in normal mustard or olive oil or any other massage oil of your choice. Use this to massage your breasts, again in circular and upward motions, for 15 to 20 minutes. It can definitely help you in lifting up your sagging breasts.

The thing to keep in mind is not to use these oils directly on the skin without first mixing them in other normal oils as this can cause a burning sensation in your breasts.

4. Shea Butter

Vitamin E assists in tightening the breasts and anti-oxidants inhibit loss produced by free radicals; which are both found in Shea butter in copious quantities. Hence massaging the drooping breasts every day using Shea butter can result in firming the breasts.

Massage for 10 minutes, follow with leaving it on breasts for 10 more minutes and in the end rinse it off with water. Performing this procedure 4 to 5 times a week may show an amazing transformation in the sagging breasts.

5. Potassium alum or Fitkari

Potassium alum also recognized as fitkari in Hindi is another low-priced but very real household cure to firm up sagging breasts. It has natural anti-aging and skin tightening qualities which assist in elating up the breasts.

Just take a small amount of water and mix potassium alum in it. Apply all of it over the breasts and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off with water. Perform procedure daily at night. It performs as a natural toner and firms the breasts.

6. Pomegranate for firming loose breasts

Potassium is an outstanding anti-aging element that can aid to avert drooping breasts and make them firm. Make a paste by pomegranate covering and mustard oil. Rub the breasts in circular motion, at night before going to bed. Otherwise, neem oil can be blended with dried pomegranate powder and be heated for several minutes. This can be used as a massage oil after cooling.

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