Hello Neighbor – Learn How to Outwit Your Neighbor

One of the most exciting horror games currently available is Hey Neighbor by tinyBuild. Even though it came out in 2017, gamers are still captivated by the game’s mechanics, notably the neighbor’s ability to foresee your every action. Even while some of the players have figured out how to outsmart him, most of them still have a hard time entering his basement without being discovered.

If you’re one of those gamers that often finds themselves in the Neighbor’s crosshairs, consider the following advice.

1. Every Item in Hello Neighbor Serves a Purpose

First, Everything in Hey Neighbor Has a Function
Almost everything in horror games like Granny or Evil Nun has a specific function. In the case of Hello Neighbor, the same holds true. That’s why, if you go exploring at your neighbor’s place, you should always examine the objects you find to determine what they are for. Don’t overlook anything about the home, since it might hold the key to solving the mystery.


Hello Neighbor Game


2. Take Time to Explore the House

You need to spend some time exploring the neighbor’s yard before entering the home. Don’t be in a hurry, but be thorough in scanning the area around his home’s windows and other entrances. That way, you’ll have many options for breaking into the home and escaping if you’re discovered. Don’t forget that your neighbor is also clever, therefore it’s in your best interest to have as many backup plans as possible.

Exploring the house’s interior is the next stage after seizing the opportunity to sneak inside. Locate the basement and investigate potential entry points. In the event that you are nearly detected, you will need to devise a plan for escaping the home or hiding.

3. Hide As Much As You Can

Being caught by the neighbor means starting from scratch, so keep that in mind. Hence, if you have come this far and do not want to restart the game, you should seek cover as soon as possible. If you’ve previously looked around the home, you should be able to discover a good hiding spot.

4. Never Use the Same Escape Strategies Twice

The neighbor always recalls the door you used to enter the home, so that’s one thing you can learn from this game. Because of this, he will discover a means to prevent you from reentering the region where you were first captured if you are restarting the game. Hence, you should use a variety of tactics and discard the tried and true methods.


Hello Neighbor Gameplay


5. Always Cover Your Tracks

Take note: if an AI is managing your neighbor, it’s a good one. Because of his intelligence, he can predict your every move and exploit your every flaw. For this reason, it is critical to constantly leave no traces. Get an explanation for any missing or broken items. That way, it won’t appear like you’re trying to hide the fact that you’ve taken action.

In addition, remember to always shut the door behind you when you leave a room. That way, your neighbor won’t be able to sneak up on you. Even if the door creaks every time you shut it, that’s better than being crept up on in silence.

6. It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

This piece of advice isn’t necessarily about being sneakier than your neighbor, but it is a good reminder to treat failure as a learning experience. In all likelihood, almost every player has been “caught by the neighbor.” It’s more vital that you enjoy yourself and get valuable experience than to win every time. Someone who seldom makes errors rarely learns, to paraphrase Retro Bowl.

Now you know how to play Hello Neighbor and outsmart your neighbor. Remember that following these guidelines is no assurance that you will be able to outwit your neighbor. Yet, this will simply lessen the likelihood of you being discovered. Finding the basement’s hidden secret is, ultimately, up to the plans you devise.