7 Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

7 Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

If you wish to reconnect with your inner self, benefit from the company of animals, and keep your muscles toned, you should try horseback riding. This discipline is one of the most appreciated by both amateurs and professionals for the numerous therapeutic qualities it can bring into your life. Below you can explore seven of the many benefits of horseback riding in San Juan Capistrano.

1. Strengthens the Muscles and Improves the Posture

Anybody who is not yet as familiar with horseback riding and equestrian sports might tend to dismiss it as a leisure activity without many benefits for the body. However, horse riding is a type of isometric fitness activity. This type of static training has been seen to be among the most effective exercises to improve core strength and posture.
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Equestrians actually undertake a full-body workout every time they mount on their horse! Since they are required to maintain a specific position for prolonged periods, they will need to tend and contract particular muscle groups throughout the activity. In turn, this strengthens and stabilizes the pelvic, back, abdominal, and thigh muscles.

2. Burns Calories

If you are looking to find an activity that allows you to stay fit and in shape, while enjoying natural surroundings and fresh air, horseback riding in San Juan Capistrano might be for you. In studies conducted by Texas A&M University, experts estimate that 45 minutes of horseback riding – at a walk, canter or trot – can burn around 200 calories. Other types of training that require increased speed can increase this number by seven calories per minute.

In turn, burning calories is at the base of any effort if you wish to reduce your body weight, tone your muscles, and stay in shape. Benefits associated with this type of fitness exercise include the reduced risk of obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

3. Increases Coordination, Balance, and Flexibility

Horseback riding requires different skills and abilities, and among the most important ones is coordination. The capability to move and utilize several body parts at once comes with several hours of exercise and training. However, as you master it, it can yield endless rewards, from improving your balance to increasing your muscles and joints flexibility.

In the case of rehabilitation or therapeutic activities, horseback riding has been seen to be incredibly beneficial in improving all body functions and promoting a smooth recovery. Specific body parts, such as legs, hips, thighs, and the abdominal wall, are particularly involved in the movements, so you are likely to see improvements in your level of flexibility and strength over time.

4. Trust Building

If you are thinking of starting a journey as an San Juan Capistrano equestrian, you should expect to perform several exercises that aim at building trust between you and your horse. This type of training is essential to improve your coordination and your horse’s reactions to your commands.

However, learning how to trust and communicate with a powerful animal with a mind and personality allows you to build on your social skills and emotional intelligence.

5. Boosts Problem-solving Skills

While you might need a little time to adapt to riding a horse at first, as you improve, you will experience the excitement of speed and control. As your riding skills improve, you will also learn how to think fast enough to promptly react to your horse’s movement and the obstacles on the course.

Additionally, horseback riding has been associated with improved cognitive abilities in children and reduced symptoms in individuals with ADHD. If you wish to improve your problem-solving skills or boost your cognitive skills, horseback riding might be the right activity to try.

6. Relieves Stress

Aside from all the physical benefits we have seen above, it is impossible to ignore the improvements you can see on your mood, stress levels, and general psychological health state through horseback riding in San Juan Capistrano.

Indeed, through the repetition of specific exercises, the presence of animals, and the opportunity to spend hours in nature, horseriding can be an excellent strategy if you are fighting anxiety or increased stress levels.

Ultimately, the fresh air and greenery around you while horseriding enables equestrians to achieve a calmer, more relaxed yet focused outlook on life.

7. Improve Mood

Horseriding, like many other physical activities, causes our bodies to release hormones responsible for happiness, good mood, and a better disposition. However, unlike the type of training that you usually perform at the gym, horseriding allows you to benefit from the company and the proximity of animals.

To learn more about the endless benefits of horseback riding in San Juan Capistrano, get in touch today.