Hydration IV drip

What is Hydration IV drip?

Hydration IV drip involves a catheter and electrolyte base saline solution which contain essential mineral and vitamins. An IV drip contains essential micronutrients injected into the bloodstream, avoiding your digestive tract. Your body needs essential macro and micronutrients for your well-being. Hydration is also important because, without water, blood circulation cannot happen properly.

How Hydration takes place: small brief about this process

  • Nurse places a small catheter directly into your vein. To set the catheter, she uses a numbing spray to minimize the pain
  • When doctor access your vein, he will remove the needle of the syringe
  • The catheter will stay inside your body for IV infusion
  • The catheter directly attached to a bag with selected drip

Hydration IV drip takes only 30 to 45 minutes for the entire session. Before that infusion therapy, the doctor will perform some standard regular health assessment test.

What is the basic component of IV Drip?

Hydration IV drip contains salts and electrolytes, antioxidants, sugar, and vitamins. Hydration concoction is customized according to your health requirement. The most common components of Hydration IV drip include:

Saline: It is a solution of sodium chloride solution with defined conditions. It is the prominent component of hydration drip. A saline solution work like an energy booster if your body is dehydrated and you are in a hangover. Sodium chloride is an active electrolyte that rejuvenates your body.


The solution also contains essential vitamins and antioxidants. They strengthen your immunity system and work as an energy booster. When your body is dehydrated, you will feel tired and suffering from intense fatigue. But solution with vitamins and mineral has the capacity to rejuvenate each cell of your body and muscle.

Electrolytes: It is an essential element that hydrates our body, regulates muscle function, controls our nerve function and blood pressure. Apart from sodium, you need potassium, chloride, phosphate, magnesium. These ions are collectively known as electrolytes.

Benefits of Hydration IV drip?

Hydration is essential for your body.

Drinking fluid is an excellent way to avoid dehydration. When you drink water, your throat and digestive tract tissue absorbs a maximum portion of liquid. But your complete body requires water. The tissue of your whole body requires Hydration. That’s why you need to drink plenty amount of water to hydrate your body. Hydration IV treatment is super effective in boosting your energy. In this treatment, fluid is injected into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive tract. In this way, whole-body tissue gets hydrated. It is an efficient and faster way to rejuvenate your body.

Your body needs more fluid.

If you practice intense workouts, you are losing your maximum fluid. Drinking water is not sufficient. You have to replenish your essential nutrient and electrolytes. Drinking water does not fulfill your requirement. Water can not resolve your nutrient deficiency. Hydration IV drip therapy hydrate your body and quench the trust of nutrient requirements.

Hydration therapy is suitable for your digestion.

Drinking an excessive amount of fluid is harmful to your digestive system. The high volume of fluid is difficult to absorb by your body; excess liquid puts pressure on your digestive system and execratory organ. Your digestive organ has to overwork to get rid of excess fluid. When your body begins to release excess fluid, it can be flushing out your body’s micro and macronutrients. If you consume supplements with juices, that supplement just disturbs your digestive tract. Hydration IV treatment pushes your body to absorb essential nutrients and fluid without affecting your digestive tract.

Flushes toxins from your body

Dehydration affects your body in multiple ways. It may cause issues with your digestive tract, causes constipation. It may harm your liver, kidney and encourage toxin accumulation in your body. Hydration IV therapy cleanses your body and flushes out toxins; It improves the functions of your vital organs. Hydration therapy allows the kidney and liver to work more efficiently. They filter out toxins from your body and release metabolites. Drinking water is a slow process that helps your organs to be hydrated. Hydration Drip therapy delivers proper Hydration to your active organs.

Boost immunity

Everyone wants to be healthy and fit. Hydration IV therapy helps you to avoid sickness related to infection. Hydration therapy boosts your immunity system because it contains Vitamin C and vitamin B12. Hydration therapy directly puts them into your bloodstream and makes them super effective than taking them by mouth. IV therapy is created to improve your immunity power to fight against viral and bacterial infections.

Improve your skin

Hydration is good for your skin; when our body gets dehydrated, we feel thirsty. If we do not consume liquid as per requirement, our skin feels dry. Even you can feel joint pain, muscle ache. These are the sign of inadequate Hydration. But getting excess water negatively impact your digestive system. In this situation, Hydration IV therapy can improve your skin health, Rejuvenate your skin cells.

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By Andy