Great Birthday Wishes

Birthdays are special because they help us remember when we were born and the milestones we have accomplished. If a loved one is marking his or her birthday, show that you care by sending them birthday wishes with special messages. The kind of advice you will send depends on the relationship you are sharing with your loved ones. If it’s your spouse or partner, then a romantic message will be suitable. If it is your friend, then a simple message and thoughtful message would do.

Age is also important, whether it’s a child, a middle-aged person, or an older person. Coupling your birthday messages with birthday flowers offers helps to sweeten the birthday wishes. The beauty of sending birthday flowers is that they are colorful, meaningful, and affordable. Therefore, it is important to order and send flowers from reputable online flower delivery Cyprus stores with years of floral experience and expertise. Cosmea Gardens flower and gift delivery offer all kinds of birthday flowers. You can also order custom and personalized flowers for any occasion that you may be having.

If the right words are not easy to come up with, here are a few suggestions to inspire you. By pairing them with beautiful and meaningful birthday flowers, you will impress the loved one or recipient who will receive them. The different colors that flowers come in represent the different emotions, so it is important to pair them with the right birthday message. So, let’s get straight into it.

Romantic Birthday Flowers with Special Birthday Wishes 

To send a romantic birthday message to your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, they make it more impressive by including romantic bunches. The most popular flowers known for romance are roses and tulips. The perfect birthday flower to send to your spouse is red roses. Red roses help the sender to express passionate love. The message on your card should read – “I couldn’t help but notice that the last time I sent you kisses was last night, which seems like a thousand years. So here are some more kisses and lots of love from me. Happy birthday my love, and may you live to blow a thousand more candles.”

For your boyfriend or girlfriend, or a relationship that has just started, a bunch of pink tulips, roses, or a combination of the two will work out fine. Most pink flowers represent the tender or innocent love that has just been discovered. Pink also conveys purity, making them the best birthday flowers to send sweet romantic messages to your loved ones. The message in your birthday greeting card can read – “My heart skips a bit when I think about you and I hope that you have fallen in love too. From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I prayed to God that He would grant me this beautiful gift from heaven, and I am crossing my fingers that my dream becomes a reality. Happy birthday my love, and I hope to hear from you soon.”

Birthday Flowers and Messages for a Friend 

It is good to remember your friend’s birthday and wish him or her a happy birthday with special wishes and birthday flowers. Your birthday will come soon, and you will expect the same thing from him or her. The best birthday flowers to send to a friend are yellow blooms. Sunflowers, yellow roses, or yellow daisies are among the best flowers to send to that close friend who is just celebrating a birthday. The reason why yellow birthday flowers are ideal for friends is that they represent friendship, partnership, and strength. In addition, you can include a message in your card that says – “I can’t believe that you are getting old so fast! It was just the other day you turned 20; now that you are thirsty, it’s time you think of writing your will! No, I am just kidding. But seriously, you have been my friend for years now and as we grow old, know that I will always have your back.”

Birthday Flowers and Messages For Kids 

To make birthday flowers more vibrant for the young souls, they combine different kinds of hues and blooms. Kinds love colorful things, especially when they are celebrating their birthdays. Show them that they are special by including birthday wishes that say – “You have brought so much joy in our lives, and we hope that you remain little for a little longer so that we can enjoy your cuteness for longer. Happy birthday little prince/princess.”


Sending birthday wishes and messages to a loved one, friend, or colleague is a thoughtful way of saying how much you love them. As you do this, it’s also good to send meaningful flowers to impress them and make them feel special. Order from Cosmea Gardens flower delivery Cyprus company, and you will have your flowers delivered fresh on the same day.

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